Winter Is Coming – Have You Planned Your Workouts?

Pardon me for jumping the gun a little bit here, but with Summer rapidly on its way out, I don’t hold hopes for Autumn offering much resistance to the ensuing cold, and before we know it, winter will be here. Let’s prepare early for this one, and get on top of things in advance.

If you’re somebody who has a solid exercise plan all year round and manages to work out without fail, Awesome! You probably needn’t read this article except out of fascination that some of us crumble when the cold weather comes in. It is always so much easier to maintain your routines during the spring and summer months.

Here are some things that affect your ability to workout during the winter:

  • Fading Light
  • Cold Mornings and Evenings
  • Less Enthusiasm (No chance to show off the body)
  • Holiday Period Is Too Busy (And Too Fatty)

Sometimes these reasons can add up quite quickly and before you know it, your routine has gone out of the window. Then November and December roll around with their big dinners and party-spirit and before you know it, that New Years’ resolution is all about eating less chocolate and working out more (again!).

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

If you think about it carefully enough, fading light shouldn’t be a problem, cold morning and evenings shouldn’t either, so the only real thing you might struggle with is motivation and the holiday period.

Start making a plan of attack now though, and you can beat it.

If you exercise indoors at home, that’s pretty much taken care of most major issues. Light is fine, temperature is fine, enthusiasm..well..If you can’t get motivated to exercise from the comfort of your own home, I’m not sure when you will. As for the holiday period, just take a bit of discipline and make sure you maintain your exercise with a solid workout routine despite the busy period and you will be fine.

Eat a little extra, indulge a little, but then get back to work.

Remember, summer bodies are created during the winter!

Kettlebells Don’t Know The Temperature

It’s true. When it comes down to it, you and your kettlebell shouldn’t let the season affect your workout. What is different from exercising on a July morning from a December morning? If you don’t let things fall behind now, you will find this winter is very rewarding and come Summer 2014 (Yes, OK, it’s a long way off), you will be able to workout less, and won’t be playing catch-up.

If you can find 20 minutes per day, two to three days a week to exercise, then following this DVD might be just what you need.

What About You?

It’s interesting to know how individuals approach the change of seasons. What is the hardest part about working out during the holiday period? The busy schedule? The cold? The lack of motivation? The food?!

Do tell!


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