What Should You Eat After A Workout?

There used to be a time when I would go to the gym, then go home and order a pizza. Obviously I knew it was kind of defeating the purpose of the gym, but from my point of view I had earned it. It does highlight the fact though that what you eat after a workout is important. So what should you eat after a workout? That’s what I’m going to discuss now.

The goal of every meal should really be to make sure you get what your body is looking for; nourishment and nutrition, with some damn fine taste thrown into it. A lot of the time we don’t quite focus on getting all of this, but after a workout it’s essential.

A workout puts your body under a lot of stress and uses up a great amount of energy and nutrients too, your first meal afterwards should replace as many of those as possible.

What Should You Eat After A Workout? Carbs vs Protein

A lot of popular workout/energy drinks are carb-based. While carbs are great for maintaining your energy during a workout, afterwards you want protein. Too manic carbs after a workout aren’t going to get burned off either, resulting in unnecessarily high blood sugar levels.

What needs the most attention after a workout? That’s right, your muscles. Muscles are made up of protein, so that’s what you want to focus on eating. This will also reduce the effects of muscle soreness and speed up recovery.

What’s Your Goal?

If you’re looking for something out of your workouts, such as weight loss or toning up, that’s also going to factor into what you should eat. For weight loss, a nutrition shake will be an excellent choice. Keeping your body functioning and your metabolism high is going to burn a lot of fat, way more than dieting.

For toning muscles, shakes are good too, but add a little extra protein to help your muscles even more. I don’t want you to go all out and only drink protein shakes though, you need balanced nutrition.

Adding protein also helps keep you feeling full and satisfied.

What Else?

Shakes aren’t for everyone, so what else can your eat? Anything that is balanced and contains a good amount of nutrition is good.

Really there are plenty of options for you and you shouldn’t limit yourself too much. I don’t want you to feel like you MUST stick to one thing, but if you want a more definitive answer, focus on something protein based.

Please note that by “based” I don’t mean the sole ingredient.

Whatever you do….

Don’t eat pizza like I used to!


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