Weight Loss Is Faster In Winter

Losing weight in the winter is easier and faster than in the summer. This is a fact. Your metabolism is faster in cold weather, which translates as easier calorie burn.

When you want to lose weight in the spring or summer, you’ve got the motivation of beautiful weather (in theory) and good feelings (in theory) on your side. In the winter though, you’ve got your whole body on your side. How’s that for motivation?

Luckily Christmas and Thanksgiving fall in the cold months then!

How much difference does the weather make?

Individual days aren’t worth worrying about. As weight loss is such an ongoing process, you’ll need to strig a good number of cold days together to make a difference to your metabolism. This is why I say winter is the best time.

Your body works naturally harder in the winter (ever find yourself feeling more lethargic on those hot, sticky summer days?) as you go about your day. This means that winning the calorie battle is that much easier.

The calorie battle?

While weight loss is not as simple as just balancing calories, you’ll find that there is a general rule of thumb:

Burn more calories than you take on, and you’ll lose weight.

This doesn’t mean dieting or starving yourself is guaranteed to work by the way (pleased don’t do that), because starving yourself slows your metabolism, so there’s less burning going on. That defeats the whole object of taking on fewer.

So you naturally burn more calories in the winter.

What about exercise?

Generally, a 30 minute exercise in winter won’t burn a whole lot more calories than a 30 minute summer exercise, but as part of the bigger picture will be more effective.

Living an active lifestyle is the key to not only weight loss, but also a healthy lifestyle. Just take some confidence from the knowledge that in these cold winter months, your body is helping you maintain that increased activity level.

Your basic metabolic rate is 10-15% higher in the winter, so exercise isn’t effected by the cold. The whole effectiveness of your lifestyle and exercise as part of a workout routine on the other hand will be greatly increased.

Check out these home workouts.

Take Heart!

While I’m not saying anything particularly revolutionary, I know that most people generally cut down on exercise at this time of year, what I’m hoping to do is point out to some of you that the saying “Summer bodies are formed in the winter” is not just a nice expression.

As most of us exercise for more than just a summer body anyway, the motivation for keeping going during the winter should be even higher now.

It’s just that much healthier.


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