Visual Impact For Women Review

Visual Impact For Women Review

Name:Visual Impact For Women
Owner:Rusty Moore
Overall Rank:92 out of 100

Visual Impact For Women Product Overview

If you want to be toned, fit, and strong, while still looking feminine in a dress, then Visual Impact For Women is definitely something you should pay attention to. It’s been called the first fitness product to help firm up muscles, while decreasing body size.

It’s not focusing on weight loss or “slimming down” and at the same time it’s not focusing on building muscle. It’s a combination of both.


An excerpt from the VIFW homepage

Kettlebell lovers will know that they can build their strength and tone without gaining bulk, this program takes that to heart. It was originally created as a “Get that lean Hollywood look” program and branched out into a women specific version. That’s what I’m reviewing today.

The creator, Rusty Moore has an incredibly popular website (his blog got 4 million visitors in 2013), and arguably one of the most popular fitness sites out there. He was his products first user, making himself “lean down” so that he didn’t look like one of those big gym guys anymore.

It worked, people asked him his secret, and long-story short, here we are today.

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  • Downloadable Program – Getting instant access is a big deal. I’ve ordered physical products in hte past and by the time they arrived I had forgotten that I ordered them, lost motivation, or simply moved on. The fact that you can buy this guide and start putting it to work TODAY is a big thing for me.
  • Price – It costs less than gym membership, less than a one hour session with a trainer, and it works just as effectively.
  • Results – It works. A lot of people forget that this is all that really matters.
  • The Method – Rusty will be the first person to tell you his product “is not mainstream”. It’s not recycled, over-used, standard fitness info. It’s not focusing on high-rep, difficult to perform exercises either. It’s mostly cardio. More on this later.

The Bad:

  • Exercise required – I’m sure this isn’t going to be a big “con” for you, but you will need to get your heart pumping to follow Rusty’s tips. This isn’t a diet guide.
  • Not Kettlebells based – Hey, it’s an excellent guide so I decided to review it, but for all the Kettlebell lovers on this site, you might be disappointed if you are looking for some new Kettlebell moves.

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Who Is Visual Impact For?

visual impact for women

Well it’s been designed and works for everyone, but this is the “For Women” version. Men can check out the original version here.

If you’re someone who wants to be strong, fit, and toned, but still look sexy in a dress, this is for you. Basically, if you want to have that perfect body. So basically it’s for everyone.

However, I’d say that if you’re looking for some dieting tips or some new “trick” to lose weight, then don’t bother buying this guide. It requires exercise.

How Does Visual Impact For Women Work?

Rusty set out to make “The ultimate workout routine for women”, and created an 89 page guide Bible. The idea is to teach you how to get the look you want, and to train you to know how to do it precisely, and by yourself. You won’t need to rely on Gym trainers, videos, or other coaches after you’ve read this manual.

You’ll be ready to go out and start shaping your body.

Here are some highlights from what’s included:


Just some of the things included in the book

You may have picked up earlier that the emphasis is on cardio. Don’t misunderstand that it’s just a boring guide telling you to do some jumping jacks. There’s so much more to it than that. You’ll learn an incredible amount about what Rusty calls “leaning down” from his manual, so much so that you’d be able to teach it to someone else by the time you’re done.

Rusty includes multiple workout routines in his guide

Rusty includes multiple workout routines in his guide

That’s not all.

As well as the 89-page “main manual”, Rusty also includes a 12-week “Fat burning Cardio” eBook, a 229-page “Exercise Demonstration Manual” (With clickable links to stop you having to scroll through 229 pages), and some printable workout charts.

I like that he really over delivers. Most guides out there on the Internet are just one simple 10-page eBook or 30 minute DVD. Rusty is giving you over 300 pages of information, 10 years of experience, and some useful tools (the charts) as well.

He’s priced all of this at just $47, which makes his “over delivery” even more substantial.

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How Much Does Visual Impact Cost?

When I was first researching for this Visual Impact For Women review and looking at all that’s included, I was expecting a price in the triple figures range. You can imagine my surprise when I saw that it was only $47!

That’s pretty much the same price (or a little bit cheaper) than you would pay for ONE SESSION with a trainer in a gym, and a lot cheaper than a gym membership. It’s also roughly the same price as most of the guides I mentioned earlier, the ones that basically don’t have a lot of content.

Finally, there’s one more thing that makes recommending this guide a no-brainer for me, and that’s the 60-day money back guarantee. What more could you ask for?

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My Final Opinion of Visual Impact

For the price of one session with a personal trainer, you get the following with Visual Impact For Women:

  • Three eBooks (Over 300 pages)
  • A complete, exhaustive method to getting that slim Hollywood look
  • Printable charts for keeping track of your progress (don’t underestimate the usefulness of this)
  • A 60 day money-back guarantee.

The thing that really matters though is, this program works!

Weight-loss and fitness methods come and go. Apart from “Making money online” products, I don’t think there’s any other industry that sees more ‘fads’. Rusty Moore has come and not gone, which is testimony enough to his method working, but it’s also very difficult to find negativity around his program. I’ve done a lot of sleuthing, but could only really find good things.

That’s a very good thing!

Visual Impact For Women at a Glance…

Name: Visual Impact For Women


Owner: Rusty Moore

Price: $47

Overall Rating: 92 out of 100


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