Two Arm Kettlebell Row – Twice The Effect

Most of the exercises I’ve posted on here have only required one Kettlebell. While that makes it easier for the average person to perform, it does limit things for those of you with more than one kettlebell. Today’s exercise, the two arm kettlebell row, is just for you!

Incidentally, for those of you with only one, you can still perform a variation of the Kettlebell row using one arm at a time, so no worries.

How To Perform The Two Arm Kettlebell Row

It’s a little different from the single row, as you don’t bend one leg. However, you won’t have much difficulty performing this, the level is classed around the beginner/intermediate range.

Step One: Place two kettlebells in front of your feet. Bend your knees a little. Your legs should be pretty close together.

Step Two: Bend down to pick-up both the kettlebells together. Don’t straighten your back again though. Instead, pull the bells towards your stomach, so your arms are performing a rowing motion. Try to keep them as close to your body as possible.

Step Three: Lower the kettlebells back down to the starting position.

Rinse and repeat!

Ten to fifteen repetitions should be enough.

Performance Tips

Make sure you don’t hurt your back in the process of performing this one. If you feel too much strain, you should stop. Bend the knees more in order to get a better position and more accurate form. Form is always important with any weight oriented exercise, but it is essential here.

See It In Motion Here

Only Got One Kettlebell?

No problem! If you don’t want to invest in a second kettlebell, there are plenty of other exercises you can perform with just one. Equally cool, the top rated exercise DVD on this website has hours of exercises for you to perform and only required one kettlebell for the whole thing.

I’ve been asked in the past whether it is necessary to have two, or if one is enough, and I’d say it comes down to personal choice. I own two, but only because I increased the weight from my first one and got a second. Most of the time I only use one, and that’s fine.

The key is to always exercise comfortably and not over do it. However, if you do want two, or you’ve already got two, then it can add a whole new dimension to your workout and get that sexiness to appear even faster. The choice is yours.


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Lorenna - February 14, 2016

Deadlift felt really heavy today, Wendler DL 5 reps at 317.5#1st poositin hang clean 1 rep at 200#, and it felt really goodMetcon: started with 135 and it was just too heavy, 2nd round moved to 115. 10:30 something at 115 snatch. Even though the snatch was heavy, the step ups were the worst by far!


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