Try These Fat-Burning Russian Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebells have been relied on for centuries, to develop strength and endurance. The cannonball-shaped weights reportedly have been used since Ancient Greece.

It found its way into Russia, where it evolved from merely being used as weights to measure grain to figuring in strength contests of kettlebell swinging and lifting at festivals and fairs. Eventually, kettlebells developed into a sport of its own. Today, kettlebells have found another purpose — and that is through fitness training.

With the American Council on Exercise discovering that the average kettlebell workout can burn 20 calories per minute, it is small wonder then that Russian kettlebell workouts to blast fat are being done all across the country. They are even better than some of these exercises.

Whether you start off with the 8-kilogram kettlebell or the 20-kilogram kettlebell, here are fat-burning workouts you can do today. Check out our favorite Kettlebell DVD here.

Kettlebell Swings Kettlebell swings can be done with one hand or two hands; the choice is up to you — and what you can handle. You’ll want to start with easy weights if this is the first time you’ll be using kettlebells. There are 4-kilogram kettlebells and 8-kilogram kettlebells. You can start with 16-kilogram kettlebells only if you feel comfortable and strong enough. You would not want to injure yourself on the first try of this exercise. Start in a lowered squat position, with your feet 6 to 12 inches outside of your shoulders and pointing out.

With kettlebell in hand, bring your arms into your inner thighs, keep your arms straight as you project the kettlebell up and away from your body. The kettlebell should be on top of your head. Return to starting position. There are several variations of the kettlebell swing; one even suggests doing 300 reps throughout the day because this leaves your body burning fat even after you’ve exercised.

Learn more about the swing.

The Lunge Stand straight, feet together, with the kettlebell in the right hand. Step back with the right leg, sink into a lunge, then do bicep curls with the bell bottom down. Return to starting position, and switch. kettlebell-lunge-pressThe Halo Stand with your feet apart, holding the kettlebell upside down with both hands and over your head. Keep your abs tight and rotate the torso from the waist in a circle to the right. Yes, like you’re making tiny halos above. Do six circles, then switch. There are many more fat-burning exercises you could do with Russian kettlebells.

But whichever routines you perform, remember to always warm up (two minutes is good), to keep your back straight, to tighten your abs before beginning each move, to follow a healthy eating plan, and to be in control. Head to our exercise section to learn more.


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