The Kettlebell Windmill How-To

The Kettlebell Windmill is great for beginners and advanced alike. If you want to sculpt some seriously sexy muscles ALL OVER your body, then read on to learn exactly how to perform this killer exercise. Target your arms, shoulders, abs, obliques, and hips all at once.

Correct form is always essential when doing any form of workout, but something as holistic (exercises multiple muscles at once) as the Kettlebell makes this even more important. Practice a few times before you really get going.

How To Perform The Kettlebell Windmill

As you will see in the video below, this is not a particularly difficult exercise to perform. It is a good starting point for those looking to get familiar with Kettlebells, but because it works out so many different muscles at once, it is also great for Kettlebell users of all abilities.

Step One: 

Raise the Kettlebell up in your right hand, fully extending your arm.

Step Two: 

You’ll need to rotate your hips slightly so that your body is about 45 degrees to your left. This gets you into the starting position.

Step Three:

While keeping your right arm extended, slowly reach down with your left arm to touch your left toe. Additionally, turn your head to look up at the Kettlebell as you bend. If your shoulders rotate a little while you do this, don’t worry, just keep it as a smooth action.

Step Four:

After holding the stretch for a few seconds, reverse the move. Turn your head back to pointing straight ahead and rotate your shoulders round as you come back up. Your right arm should have been fully extended and pointing skywards the whole time.

Step Five:

Perform 5-10 reps of this and then repeat for the opposite hand.

See the video below for more clarification.

Remember to always warm-up and stretch properly before exercising, and always make sure to perform a well balanced routine. Just focusing on one part of your body and one exercise is going to make you look bulky and unnatural. It’s always going to be more beneficial to you to just perform a full-body workout.

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