The Kettlebell Goddess Workout

the-kettlebell-goddess-workoutI made a mistake. Over the past year I’ve recommended Kettlebell Kickboxing as the best Kettlebell DVD for women out there. While this is still a fine DVD and reviews from Halina will testify to this, I’ve since discovered that Dragon Door’s Kettlebell Goddess DVD is not only far superior, but half the price.

It’s been the number one selling Kettlebell DVD for women on Dragondoor for a very long time, and if you’re not aware, Dragondoor itself is one of the top (if not THE top), Kettlebell websites out there.


While I initially fell in love with Kettlebell Kickboxing for the fact that it’s not another “quick” Kettlebell DVDs where a fitness guru jumps on the bandwagon. There are quite a few DVDs out there that are made by someone who doesn’t really know their stuff when it comes to the bells, and just wanted to cash-in on a new craze.

I should have just headed straight to DragonDoor and picked out their best products all along, and that was my mistake.

The Kettlebell Goddess Workout really delivers an excellent experience and costs only $29.95, so I’m switching my allegiance and hoisting my flag with them. Forgive my previous mistake!

Anyway, let’s get started with.

The Kettlebell Goddess Workout Review


Name: The Kettlebell Goddess Workout

Author: Andrea DuCane, RKC

Price: $29.95

Rating: 8.9/10 (Read 187 reviews here)

Why Goddess?

The introduction to the DVD states that Ancient Greek Goddesses were renowned for a combination of strength, beauty, power and elegance. This is enough of a winning balance to be the focus of Andrea’s DVD.

Kettlebells have always been praised for their ability to make you strong, but not bulky, toned, but still maintaining feminine curves. Using them to become an Ancient Greek Goddess just seems like a natural fit to me.

What Are The Exercises Like?

Keeping in the Goddess theme, the DVD is split into different workouts based on attacking different parts of your body:

There are 6 workouts in total, ranging from Artemis (Goddess of the hunt) to Odyene (Goddess of pain..maybe save this one till last!). As mentioned, each one focuses on a different part of the body and different attribute, strength, power, and so on.

A personal favorite is “Callipygos” which means “beautiful buttocks”, the workout which focuses on the legs and butt. It’s also Aphrodite’s surname so you know, it comes from good stock.

Does It Work?

The success of the DVD isn’t in its innovation or the Goddess theme, but more in the fact it simply works. Andrea uses well known exercises in each of her workouts, things such as Windmills, Curls, Swings, all standard Kettlebell exercises.

Where the power lies is in how she combines them and walks you through them to make a killer workout and well structured DVD.

Often underestimated is the breaks and stretches sections, will go a long way to contributing to the experience.

Breaks are just as important as exercises in a good workout routine, and if you time them wrong, or rest for too long or too short a period, a lot of their power is lost.

Simply put, you can tell that Andrea knows her stuff, and puts her RKC qualification to good use.

The Price

For a DVD that runs 145 minutes and has 6 different workouts, $29.95 is more than fair value. I actually would have expected it to be a bit higher, but I’m not complaining. $29.95 is a fairly standard price for dragon door DVDs, so it might even be worth checking out what else they have on offer.

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The DVD also comes with a ONE YEAR money back guarantee. I’ve never seen such a long guarantee before, so don’t go abusing it!




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