Best Kettlebell Exercises – Focus On The Ones That Matter

best kettlebell exercises

I don’t really believe that you can make a definite list of the best kettlebell exercises, because everybody has different goals with their workouts, and is a different level, so one person’s best will differ wildly from another’s.

Also, I don’t think it’s a good idea to focus on just a short list of exercises because you might end up ignoring other ones, and if you have spent the time browsing my exercises category, you’ll realize that there are dozens of killer workouts just waiting for you.

Still, I think that everybody can benefit from having some guidelines and suggestions, so that they might be able to create their own workout routine and then focus on the best results.

That brings me onto my first tip..

1.) Focus on getting results and what works best for you.

I used to read different exercises and think why I couldn’t do them in my circumstances, it’s much more practical if you instead focus on how you can make exercises work for you and fit them into your schedule. I find that choosing workouts that let me be flexible with my time (such as this one) also works really well.

2.) Consider what those results are.

Do you want to tone up, lose weight, or build muscle? Maybe you just want to get fit. Figuring out what your goals are (it shouldn’t take long) will help you figure out the best exercises and workout routine for you.

3.) What’s your ability level?

There’s no point diving straight into the advanced exercises if you’re not going to be able to do them, it’s a waste of time.Worse still, you might seriously hurt yourself. There are plenty of different exercises for beginners, intermediates, and advanced people, so you should have no reason to need to do something overly complicated.

If you aren’t sure of the difficulty level, practice a few times without a kettlebell to see how complex it is. Or another option, choose to follow a prescribed workout. One that lets you adjust your difficulty level as you go is my recommendation.

Example Exercise: Kettlebell Swing – easy for all levels.

4.) How much time do you have?

If you only have say, 20 minutes, you might want to stick to exercises that are more general and cover the major muscles, whereas if you have an hour, you can do something more localized and work on specific muscles. The great thing about Kettlebells is that most of their exercises involve a whole bunch of muscles in one go.

Example Exercise: Kettlebell figure-8

5.) What exercises do you enjoy the most?

Making your workout routine enjoyable is something that you might not have put much emphasis on before. with all these ‘no pain no gain’ type slogans everywhere, we aren’t conditioned to believe that working out is supposed to be tough (hence the ‘working’ part). In all honesty, while it might be tough on your body, it doesn’t have to be taxing. It definitely doesn’t have to feel like work. People who try the Kettlebell Kickboxing routine feel that it is more refreshing than tiring, and often do more than one session at once.

By following the tips above, and checking out some of my recommendations (you can find more here), you will be well on your way to developing an excellent workout routine and more importantly, will be much more knowledgeable on what the best kettlebell exercises for you truly are.

Remember, it’s always best to experiment and try new exercises until you find what gives you the most convenient and result bringing workout.


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