Quick And Simple Muscle Ache Treatment After An Intense Workout

If it’s your first time working out for a full session after a really long time of not doing so, your body’s likely to experience quite a shock. Most of the time, you still feel good during the session – you experience no problem with the weight of the kettlebell you’re given, you kick your legs easily, you bend really low, you may demonstrate poor body coordination for some moves, but overall, there’s really nothing that you cannot handle.

You feel great for the next couple of hours, happy to have perspired so much, and then you go to sleep.

In the morning, you’re nothing but a big ball of pain. Every move has you hurling curses at the universe and whining in pain at the same time. All that pain, your workout buddies claim, is natural; it means that the workout, well, worked! They’re absolutely right about the bit that the muscle ache is natural, but the real good news is that you will not always turn into huge wad of aches every time you work out.

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Over time, your body will get used to the movements in your exercise routine – they’ll be easier to execute and the aftermath would no longer be quite painful.

That’s the great promise for the future, but how do you deal with the pain that you feel today?

Dealing With DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Strain)

Don’t you worry, because there are different types of muscle ache treatment that you can try, and while some of them are not instantaneously effective, they can still minimize the discomfort caused by your strained muscles and help you recover much faster.

One highly recommended treatment for muscle aches after a workout is drinking tart cherry juice; it works like a tonic for muscle soreness. Studies reveal that not only does it ease muscle soreness but it can also reduce inflammation because it contains antioxidant compounds called anthocyanins.

Another one is deep tissue massage. It’s relaxing and gets rid of all those tension knots. More importantly, it reduces inflammation by reducing the amount of the protein NK-kb which is involved in the body’s inflammatory response to exercise. Likewise, massage can stimulate the production of PGC-1alpha, another protein which is important for muscle energy generation.

The third highly recommended treatment for muscle aches is light exercise. Getting the muscles moving and the blood pumping again is known to deliver oxygen to the muscles so healing can be promoted.

Fourth is to ice it up. Placing an ice pack on those really sore areas can prevent further muscle damage and speed up healing.

Over The Counter Muscle Ache Treatments?

And lastly, if aching muscles are preventing your body from functioning well, an over-the-counter pain reliever can help. Ibuprofen or aspirin can improve blood flow and effectively address inflammation, and there are many other bath oils and essential balms that will do a good job of easing tense muscles.


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