My Review Kettlebell Kickboxing: Week 2

In my initial review post of Dasha Libin’s Kettlebell Kickboxing DVD, I talked about how I had gone through the first disc, Power, and not felt sore the next day. Apparently, I spoke too soon. It took another 12 hours but, by Day 2 post-workout, I had trouble climbing stairs. Incidentally, this was also when I was supposed to go through my Longevity DVD, which is a longer, roughly 45-minute DVD.

My issues with Diversity

The day before, I had “completed” the Kettlebell Kickboxing Diversity DVD. I say “completed” because, for about 60% of it, all I did was look at the ab-centric workouts and go “huh?” This workout DVD, though rather short (<24 minutes), had not elicited the most spectacular performance from me. In fact, when I wasn’t trying to figure out how the exercises went, I was shaking my head at how to even do them. One exercise, the KB Deck Squat, has the person lying on the ground with the kettlebell on her chest and then using her legs to propel herself forward into a standing position. During this routine, Dasha says, “So you might say to me, ‘No way. Impossible. Not happening.'” And I’m thinking, “Yeah, you got that right!”


KB Deck Squat: Nope, not happening.

After my lackluster performance with the Diversity DVD, and the subsequent soreness in my legs and butt following the Power DVD, I was just not in the mood to try out the Longevity DVD. I ended up skipping my Wednesday workout and getting some extra sleep that night.

So, yeah, I screwed up the intermediate training plan as outlined in my Kettlebell Kickboxing guide; however, I’m glad I did. That one day of rest resolved almost all my soreness and overall tiredness. Come Thursday, I was ready to work out again and punch imaginary people. Fortunately, the Longevity DVD didn’t have too many complicated moves so, even on my first try I was able to do about 70% of the glut and arm-centric exercises. I was back!

Diversity DVD, Take II

Because I had shifted my schedule forward one day, I did not train on Friday. Come Saturday, I nervously popped the Diversity DVD back into my player and wondered just how many JiuJitsu-style crunches I’d manage this time. As I’d mentioned previously, I had sat through most of this DVD looking at scenes like these and saying “Nope!”




“What the %$@!?”

swing-through-switches (1)

But once Saturday rolled around and I was again working through this ab-crunchy DVD, I noticed that my body had actually remembered some of the exercises. And suddenly, those Turkish and JiuJitsu sit-ups weren’t so hard. Even the KB Deck Squat was feasible- albeit without a kettlebell in my hand. Between Tuesday and Saturday, I had significantly increased my familiarity with this one DVD and was able to perform about 70% of its outlined exercises.

One thing that I found endearing is when, at the conclusion of the Diversity DVD, Dasha toasts her fellow kettlebell kickboxers with water and says “Cheers!” in  Russian. Na zdrowie, Dasha- though I typically choose to have a smaller water in hand!

The following Monday, I felt sore again- this time in my abdominals and arms. But it was a good sore, and I had no trouble repeating my expected workouts during the following week.

My progress at Week 2

Having worked out and sweated up a storm to the Kettlebell DVDs for over a week, I expected that my weight would drop a little. However, those pounds aren’t budging (could that be due to muscle growth?). I also don’t see a whole lot of physical changes occurring with my body just yet. So, I do wonder: Will I really get results in three weeks like the training program claims? In the back of my mind, I keep wondering just how a 20 or 30-minute workout for four days each week can produce results. After all, when I’m actively running, I spend at least an hour on my treadmill and do my running routine for five or six days each week.

However, I have noticed some positive changes in my body even after two weeks of doing the kettlebell workout exercises. Last week, there was over six inches of snowfall here in the Midwest. In the past, it’s taken me at least two hours to shovel that much snow from my driveway and sidewalk. This time, though, I was finished in under an hour- and I was working so fast that I started sweating. I also noticed that I’m using my feet as well as hands to do things like close drawers- this is because my balance has improved.

Bonus clips

I perused the bonus clips provided in my DVDs and found a lot of good advice and tips from Dasha. For example, she talks about the idea of “clean eating” or, as she notes, “We are not dieters in Kettlebell Kickboxing. What we do is we eat clean, we train well, and we live life.” In essence, empty calorie foods must be replaced by nutrient-dense and healthy foods in order to build muscle and trim fat while training.

Drat- so much for my daily habit of popping potato chips while at work (or while having my “before” photos taken). Perhaps this is also why my weight loss has been stagnant?

Dasha also goes into high detail and provides demonstrations of the basic techniques used in her Kettlebell Kickboxing series, which is useful if you’re not sure you’re doing these exercises properly. For example, she demonstrates the Swing Stance technique for several minutes from her front and side in the bonus clips. After I saw the Swing Stance demo, I really improved on my kettlebell swing technique.

I do wish that the bonus clips consisted of different clips per each DVD, and not just the same batch of advice copied and pasted to each disc. Given the space and opportunity, why repeat yourself?

The Kettlebell Kickboxing website

In her bonus clips, Dasha also mentions her website, This website has additional instructional material, customer testimonials and an up-to-date blog. It’s rather nice to look through this well-planned and informational site as you’re cooling off from a workout or just taking it easy on a kettlebell workout-free day.

What’s next?

For the next few weeks, I’m going to really push hard with my kettlebell workout exercises and stop belly-aching about how hard and/or impossible the exercises are. I’m going to trim down my potato chip-munching habits and take up more fresh fruits. I will do my utmost to show you all some results! Stay tuned…

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