Motivating Yourself During Winter

It’s all well and good knowing that you can keep working out at home or in the gym during the winter months, while the runners and cyclists have to change their routine, but do you struggle with motivating yourself?

I always tell myself “I’ll work hard this winter and not have so much work to do during spring,” but then comes November and December, and you think “Well..maybe I’ll wait until January”.

One reason for this I think is that when it is colder, we naturally have less energy and desire to exercise. The temperate affects us physically as well as mentally.

It’s the opposite of that feeling you get in March when the sun finally starts to come out and you notice everyone switching to warmer clothes.

Mentally, you just don’t feel like bouncing around a room doing exercise. Plus, TV is always better in the Winter.

It’s a physical feeling too. Colder muscles and slower metabolisms make it harder to workout, and this results in decreased energy, which in turn results in decreased motivation.

Motivating Yourself During Winter – Just Keep Going

The thing is though, if you don’t let yourself break the habit, and keep working out in spite of the cold, you actually don’t really suffer this dip in motivation. Just keep at it, and it’s easy.

You could always try turning off your heating, eventually you will get so cold you will be FORCED to workout. Don’t actually try this.

Here’s a quote for you that I think will help you out.

Summer bodies are made in the winter.

It makes sense really doesn’t it. It’s the old “why put off till tomorrow what you could do today” philosophy all over again, except when it comes to working out and toning your body, it’s ALWAYS better to keep going.

The fact that others around you might start dropping out and hibernating for the winter should be even more motivation. If you are competitive, think how much of a head start you can get.

If you aren’t competitive, think how much easier you’ll have it in spring time if you do the work in winter.

I’m sure what I am talking about today is nothing new, but sometimes it’s easy to forget the simple things, so take this is my little reminder to you…

Don’t slack this winter!

Don’t think of it as “I will make it up during the summer months” instead think of it as “I will really enjoy it during the summer months”.

Put the work in now. Enjoy it next year!

As a bonus, here’s a winter ski and snowboard workout.

What motivates you? Do you have any special technique? Or just a bit of the old willpower? Let me know!


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