The KEW Kettlebell Awards 2019

Welcome to the first Kettlebell Exercises Women Awards: 2013!

As there are so many different Kettlebell programs and products on offer these days, rather than writing a constant stream of reviews that are hard to navigate, we are now going to present an annual awards right here at KEW.

Consider it the “Best Of Kettlebells” awards.

There are two winners for each category.

First Up: Best Kettlebell DVD For Women

Choose a DVD that is designed to get YOUR body in the best shape possible.

kettlebell kickboxing DVD

No real surprises here. A DVD series that gets excellent results in a very short period of time, while still being competitively priced. Kettlebell Kickboxing will get your body toned, sexy, and in shape like never before.

With a choice of 30 minute of 60 minute workouts of varying difficulty, everybody can find the time for this DVD, and that’s what makes it so appealing.

2nd Place: Kettleworx

Kettleworx DVD workouts

Kettleworx is not a “women only” DVD but that doesn’t matter. It gets results, it is easy to follow, and it will get your friends grimacing jealously at your body in no time. It takes a little longer than Kettlebell Kickboxing to see results, but the results are always worth it and this is an excellent quality program.

Best Value DVD

Which DVD gives you the best bang for your buck?

At around $10 this is a DVD everyone can afford. Tailored specifically for beginners, it is a great introduction to Kettlebells and a fantastic workout at the same time. Other DVDs might have more on offer in terms of difficulty level and toning,shaping, but for $10, this is an excellent value DVD.

The price was a little bit high to earn another 1st prize for this DVD, however, compared with a lot of its competitors it still comes off cheaper, with just as much value from the DVD. At the end of the day, this is about results, results, results, and KBKB gets them.

Best Kettlebell

There are always a lot of different choices to be made with weights. This year there is one that stands out.

1st Place: Empower 3in1

This is designed exclusively for women, and it rocks. 3 different weights in 1 Kettlebell, letting you progress from lower to higher as your body gets more toned and sexier. If cracked nails have been an issue for you in the past, the material here is designed to be soft to avoid that very problem. Great Price too.

2nd place: Cap Barbell

The price varies widely depending on what size you want. This is a reasonably high quality Kettlebell which is affordable for anybody.

Best “Non-Kettlebell” Program:

I know a lot of women like to mix p their routines and try multiple workouts, so this section is for the non Kettlebell workouts that deserve a mention.

1st Place: p90x

Possibly the most popular workout ever, it gets results and is an intense workout. Complete the 90 day program and you will not fail to make everybody jealous with your body. Just trust that fact and keep on it. It is one of the more intense programs out there, but your body will thank you afterwards.

2nd place: Brazil butt-lift

This was a close one between brazil butt-lift and Insanity for women, but BBL wins it with its interesting mix of dancing, aerobics, and weight lifting. Trying something new and innovative is always great, and when it makes your butt look THIS GOOD, well, that’s what we all exercise for in the first place.


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