Kettlebell Videos Online – An Alternative To Youtube

When looking for kettlebell videos online, YouTube is the place most of us will visit first. I must admit I got a lot of my initial KB education via YouTube and various other forums and websites, but I did always find it to be a bit tiresome having to trawl through the videos.

My problem is that some of them are just promotions disguised as videos. Others are just terribly made, having horrible soundtracks, or worse, are going to result in some serious damage. I’ve said it before, never rely on just one video to help you get form correct, some of the instructors have equally bad form.

There ARE some great videos out there though, and I’d recommend continuing to use YouTube for the most part, but if you’re looking for an alternative, Dragon Door Direct could be more up your alley.

Kettlebell Videos Online At Dragon Door

kettlebell videos online at dragon door direct

If you’re not familiar with Dragon Door, it’s well known as one of the leaders in all things Kettlebells. Their information and training is considered spot on every time, and their products are equally high value.

What I hadn’t really paid much attention to before though, was that they have an online library for viewing a wide variety of videos. You DO need to pay to use them, each one costs around $20 for unlimited views, but what I’ve found is that the quality of the video and instruction is far superior to the average YouTube video, and at an average of 45mins runtime, one video can become a workout routine in its own.

No more having to load up multiple YouTube tabs to get a full workout in.

If you’re a fan of following along to top instructions while you workout, then you’ll probably be able to find something of value there too. In the very least, Dragon Door is a website that should be on your radar if it isn’t already.

What Sorts Of Videos Do They Have?

In total there are 21 videos, all with an average length of 45 minutes, all costing $19.77. Some of them are closer to an hour in length though.

The most famous of the collection is “Enter The Kettlebell” – a well known DVD by Pavel Tsatsouline. You’ve probably heard of it too.

This is a more general, introductory DVD to Kettlebells, great for beginners but a lot of value for veterans is in there too. I’d be surprised if anybody watched it and didn’t learn anything.

Generally, the other 20 DVDs range from tips for beginners (mastering the Kettlebell Swing is a popular one), to a whole series on conditioning, to a workout program tailored specifically for abs.

Like I said, there’s a pretty diverse range of videos in there, so if you rely heavily on videos in your workout, and like me, find YouTube left wanting sometimes, then it’s worth a quick pop over to the library.

As I said earlier, Dragon Door is so famous and respected that I typically trust anything they produce, so it’s easy for me to give them a nod of approval.

Have you ever tried any Dragon Door products? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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