Kettlebell Squat Jump

kettlebell jump squats workout

The kettlebell squat jump is another great ballistic exercise for improving your vertical jump and athletic ability. It works a range of muscles during each rep and burns a lot of calories by doing so. 

If you are looking for an exercise to build more muscle in your legs and allow you to jump higher and with more force, then look no further than the squat jump. You will also find that along with strengthening your lower body; your lower body will be toned too. 

There really is nothing that this exercise cannot do (well, there is a lot, but let’s not talk about that).

Rating of Difficulty

This is an explosive exercise. We always recommend warming up before you attempt this type of exercise so that your muscles are warm and pliable.

Never do this as the first exercise of your routine. It is also a more difficult exercise than some others so we would recommend starting with squat jumps (without the kettlebell) and moving up to this exercise when you have mastered the movement.

What Muscles Does This Workout Target?

You are mainly focusing on your lower body, but you do get a workout in your core too.

This exercise will work your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, as well as giving some benefit to your abdominals, lower back, and upper back.

How Often Should I Perform This Workout?

This is a great kettlebell workout to add to your routine twice a week. Again, we should warn that you should work up from other exercises and never do this when you are not warmed up. 

We recommend starting with two sets of five reps.

Kettlebell squat jumps workout guide

Step by Step

Prepare your area. Make sure that your area is clear, and that there are no dangers present.

Ensure that you are wearing the proper clothing and that you are fueled for your workout. Place the kettlebell on the floor in front of you.

  • Stand over the kettlebell so that the kettlebell is in between your legs. Make sure that your feet are spaced equally around the kettlebell. Bend down and grab the kettlebell with both hands on the sides of the kettlebell handle, as if you are holding a goblet. Each hand will be grabbing the side of the kettlebell. As you bend down, your knees should bend, and your back should remain straight. Your upper legs should be parallel to the ground, and your knees should not extend past the front of your toes.
  • Stand up a little and shift the kettlebell further up in your hands. You should release the kettlebell as you move upwards to throw it upwards. Catch the kettlebell with your hands at the base of the handle where the weight and handle join. Grab hold tightly and squat back down again. You should not fully extend yourself with this motion. You only want enough momentum to move the kettlebell in your hands.
  • When you are back in your squat position, you want to explode upwards. Push up with your hips, knees, and feet. When you reach full extension, push up with your toes to lift yourself off of the ground. You should keep your elbows bent, and the kettlebell held close to your chest.
  • When you land, make sure to have your knees bend slightly to take the impact of your landing. Your legs should take the brunt of the impact. Your knees should bend so that they are not taking the strain.
  • Repeat this movement twelve times before placing the kettlebell back on the ground. Repeat the reps another two times.


Start with a small weight when starting out with this exercise. When you are squatting down and lifting a heavy weight, your knees can move forward past your toes, and we do not want that.

Starting small is the best thing which you can do for your body and your form. Start with no weight at all and then move to a lighter weight before moving to a heavy one.

This exercise is all about getting your form right before adding weight to it.

This is a great exercise for anyone who is in athletics or the martial arts. The exercise is all about explosion and ballistics. 

It is a great way to strengthen your muscles while burning a lot of fat.

You can also try out several workout and training tips for beginners.


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