Kettlebell Slingshot – A Must

What makes Kettlebells great and unique is the swinging motions that are involved. Sure, you could perform some standard exercises that dumbbell users do, but the Kettlebell works best when you are swinging it all over the place, in a controlled manner of course. This is where the Kettlebell Slingshot comes in.

What Part Of The Body Does It Affect?

Like most KB exercises  it will work out multiple regions of the body at once. The slingshot is great for the back, arms, abs, and obliques. Obliques have always been a bit tricky to workout for me, so that’s another reason I love this one.

Really though, it is not what part of my body being worked out that affects which ones I love. I prefer to focus on how the exercise feels, how easy it is to perform, and how much it contributes to be burning fat and toning up. That is why we do it right?

No one exercise is enough to get your body in shape, but performing a bunch of different ones is going to get you toned up in no time.

Performing The Kettlebell Slingshot

You can follow along with this video, and read the instructions below for further clarification. As always, make sure you warm up properly first.

Step One: Hold the Kettlebell in one hand about waist height.

Step Two: Swing the Kettlebell around behind you

Step Three: Pass it across to your other hand

Step Four: The other hand moves back around to the front

Step Five: You Pass the kettlebell over to the first hand again

Step Six: Repeat

If you are doing it correctly, with the right momentum, the Kettlebell will swing round your body in a perfect circle, with almost seamless changeovers.

It is important to make sure that you are standing up straight when you do this, and leaning forward slightly when passing the KB behind you.

Repeat for several laps/circles and then change direction.

Now I love this exercise because it just doesn’t feel like working out, yet it really gets results. How easy is it to just swing something back and forth using its own weight to keep it going? Answer: Very easy!

I love putting together routines that will give me a total body workout, while not feeling like exercise at all. If you are like me, then this is definitely going to be an exercise for you.

In terms of difficulty, I would see it comes in about an Intermediate, but with only a little practice almost anybody could perform it.

What’s your favorite Kettlebell exercise? It will be great to hear from you below. Maybe I will choose that one for next week.


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