Kettlebell Shirts – Show Off In Style

It’s always good to show off your hobby, skill or mindset with a cool t-shirt, but in truth some of the ones you find are pretty tacky and horrible. Kettlebell shirts have their mixture of great and grizzly, so I decided to showcase some of the cooler ones I have found online.

Since this is mostly a women’s site I will stick primarily with shirts for women, but further down the page I will showcase a few of the cool men’s ones. They make great gifts after all, and nothing is sexier than a Kettlebell couple.

Kettlebell Shirts and Tees For Women

In no particular order, here are some of my favorites.

Peace, Love and Kettlebells.

kettlebell shirts 1

Get the fundamentals of life correct with this one from Project Hiit T-Shirts.

Beast Mode

kettlebell shirts 2

I love the slim fitting design combined with the Beast Mode slogan. Watch out!

Live Love Lift

kettlebell shirts 3

I just love the colors and design on this one.

One Love

kettlebell shirts 4

From the same company as above, another awesome design.

Kettle Belle

kettlebell shirts 6

I love word plays so how could I not include this one?

Want to find more? The ones above are just my own selection of personal favorites, but if you want more, head to

Kettlebell Shirts For Men

As promised, here are a few of the better ones for men.

Evil Smirking Kettlebell

kettlebell shirts men 1

What can I say about this one? That little thing is adorable! But also pretty manly.


kettlebell shirts men 2

There are a couple of different colors available for this one. I prefer the white myself.


kettlebell shirts men 3

This one is just plain and simple. No special designs needed. Tell it like it is!

Kettlebells are becoming more and more popular and as a result are pretty stylish these days. Once there was a time where half of these t-shirts wouldn’t be understood by a lot of the people who saw them,.

Now, not only do they look cool but they make a statement that everyone understands. “Oh, so you like Kettlebells eh? well, that’s pretty cool…”

(Or maybe that is just how it plays out in my own mind).

Other Kettlebell Items

I like the idea of being able to introduce you all to some really good Kettlebell accessories on this site. I’ve covered Kettlebells themselves, gloves, and even some workout DVDs. If you all like to read them, I will continue, but if you’d prefer me to focus more on new exercises and moves, then let me know in the comments below.

Would be great to hear from you!


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