Kettlebell Maintenance Tips

I’m not only going to talk about kettlebell maintenance tips in the context of repairing one, but also in how to keep it in great condition in the first place. Wear and Tear does happen eventually, but with good habits you should be able to avoid it happening too much or too soon.

As well as practicing good maintenance habits, you should also learn about hand care. This is actually more important than looking after the kettlebell itself, as your hands will likely feel very raw in the beginning until you build up callouses, and nobody wants their hands to be out of action and in pain or the whole time.

Getting Them Wet

Depending on the finish, this should be OK. Most kettlebells won’t rust or lose quality as a result of exposure to water, so if you like exercising in the pool or the rain, don’t worry too much. Make sure to wipe and dry the kettlebell after use though. Especially around the handle area. Also, remember that the added weight of water will put extra strain on your muscles and adjust accordingly.

The same thing applies to sweat. Always make sure you wipe them off before storing them, and check out the finish as well. Glossier finishes should be better protected. If there are any chips present, be careful with getting them wet.

Damaging Them

Chips are possible if you are using glossy or vinyl kettlebells but this should only happen if you drop them too much or from too great a height. You can get around this by making sure you are not overexerting yourself and always use the most appropirate weight available.

Fixing chips is not an easy task, although you can usually smooth them with an emery board/nail file. See the video below for tips on that.

Understanding Your Kettlebell Maintenance Requirements

Different kettlebells will have different needs, so when choosing your kettlebell, make sure you fully understand the type that you have chosen. Getting everything understood at the earliest stage possible is the best way to keeping everything working correctly!


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