Kettlebell Leg Exercises Are Awesome

There are so many brilliant things you can do with Kettlebells. Today we are going to look more closely at some Kettlebell leg exercises. The best thing is, most of them workout way more than just your legs.

Basic Kettlebell Leg Exercises

Kettlebell Squat – This will get your abs looking hot as well as your legs and is not difficult to perform. Going into it, make sure you are familiar with correct form, or you could injure your back in the long run.

Dead Lift – A very basic exercise. With the Kettlebell down on the floor next to you, squat down to pick it up with two hands, then lift it up as you straighten your back. The final position is you standing up straight with the kettlebell hanging down in front of you. Got two Kettlebells? Even better

Lunges – Hold the Kettlebell in two hands in front of you, and lunge forward with your leg. This basically involves stepping one leg forward and putting the weight onto it. See the picture below.

kettlebell exercises for legs

More Advanced

Jump Squat – This one can be difficult to perform. Start from a kneeling position, and *jump* up into a squatting position, holding a kettlebell in two hands in front of your chest as you do it. You definitely want to perform this without a kettlebell first, just getting used to the jumping technique. It’s not for everyone, so skip it if you have to.

Gunslinger Curl – Legs, butt and abs get reshaped all at once with this exercise. Start off with your legs in a lunge position like the picture above, only the Kettlebell should be hanging down by your side, with your hand pointing at the floor. You want to lunge backwards with the back leg, bringing the Kettlebell up to point outward from your chest while you do it.

If done correctly, you should end up looking like the picture below. The motion of bringing your arm up into this final position is like a gunslinger drawing their pistol, hence the name.

gunslinger curl

Other Considerations

Remember to warm up correctly, always practice correct form, and warm down correctly afterwards. Never over exercise and risk injuring yourself. Take your time.

If you run out of ideas, one thing you can do is consider following a prescribed routine, like the one in our top ranked workout DVD.

Until next time, enjoy your Kettlebell workouts, and feel free to ask me any questions/post any comments below.



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