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best workout guide for kettlebell halo

This kettlebell exercise may not look like much, but it is one of the hardest exercises which you will do. Not only will you exercise and strengthen your muscles and core, but you will also strengthen your muscle-mind connection. 

This exercise requires a constant focus. While many exercises become second nature and muscle memory takes over, this one is great for strengthening your mental connection as well as your muscles.

This is a great maintenance exercise. You can use this as a warm-up exercise at the beginning of your routine or as a recovery movement. 

Use it at the end of your routine or between exercises to help maintain your shoulders and core. When you are doing kettlebell halos, you should make sure that you keep your elbows tucked into your body, keeping them close as you are rotating the kettlebell around your head.

The closer you can keep the kettlebell to your neck, the more you will work your shoulders and improve their mobility.

Rating of Difficulty

There are many exercises which can be performed when on autopilot, but this is definitely not one of them. This exercise requires a lot of concentration to get right.

 As you are focused on the exercise the entire time, you stay focused and get the most out of this exercise.

Many exercises become second nature when you are performing them, but you will need to remain focused on this one the entire time (or you may get a nasty bump on the head).

What Muscles Does This Workout Target?

The kettlebell halo is great for targeting your shoulders, triceps, back, and core. You will also find some benefit in your forearms.

How Often Should I Perform This Workout?

This is a great body strengthening exercise. After performing a few reps, you will really feel the burn.

It is unlike any other kettlebell exercise which you will do, but it is one which you can do multiple times a week. We would recommend adding this routine three times a week.

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kettlebell halo workout guide

Step by Step

Prepare your area. Make sure that your area is clear, and that there are no dangers present.

Ensure that you are wearing the proper clothing and that you are fueled for your workout.

Place the kettlebell on the floor in front of you.

  • Stand over the kettlebell so that the kettlebell is in between your legs. Make sure that your feet are spaced equally around the kettlebell. Grab the kettlebell with both hands and clean the kettlebell so that it is resting on your arms at shoulder height.
  • You should adjust your grip on the kettlebell so that you are holding the sides of the kettlebell handle, with one hand on each side. The handle should be pointing down, and the weight should be pointing up. Make sure that you have a good grip before your start.
  • Move the kettlebell around your head in a clockwise direction, keeping the kettlebell as close to your head as possible. Keep your chin up, and your head relaxed, with your eyes looking forward.
  • You should let your shoulders be relaxed and rotate in full circles as you move the kettlebell around your head. Stabilize your hips and prevent them from moving. This is all about your shoulders. Bring in your belly button to activate your core and get the most out of this exercise.
  • When you get back to the front of your head, take a second to rest before rotating the kettlebell back around your head in the opposite direction. Repeat for ten reps in each direction.
  •  Lower the kettlebell to the floor, using your hips and knees to place the kettlebell gently on the surface. Repeat the reps two more times.


Kettlebell halos are a great way to increase the mobility in your shoulders while adding a lot of strength to both them and your core. It is also a great exercise for focus.

If you feel that you are lagging in a workout, then you can add this in to regain your focus before you move onto the next exercise.

After completing these reps a few times, you will notice your improved mobility. You will also notice that this exercise gives you increased endurance and contributes to fat loss.

As we age, our shoulders and core suffer. This exercise will help keep you in great condition as the body begins to age.


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