Kettlebell Gloves – Look After Those Hands!

I never expected there to be so much controversy surrounding whether or not people should kettlebell gloves. If you’ve used Kettlebells before for more than a couple of sessions, you would surely have felt the pain in your hand that sometimes comes with it them.

Gloves seem like a great solution to this, but there are a lot of people who are adamant that you shouldn’t use them. Personally, I think that it comes down to whatever you prefer. The reasons most people cite for not using them are kind of valid, but they are also not particularly important.

Should You Use Kettlebell Gloves?

Here are a few of the most common reasons people list against using gloves with Kettlebells:

  • The gloves will bunch up and dig into your hands even more.

This is a valid point, BUT only if you are using the wrong type of glove. Correctly fitting gloves are fine.

  • The gloves take away something from the connection between the brain and the hands.

This one confuses me a bit. I think most people use Kettlebells to work out their body, so how it feels in the hands isn’t a big deal. It’s not like you are going to be using mittens anyway. Isn’t reducing the painful feeling in your hands the whole point?

  • Using gloves hinders the development of callouses.

Well it’s true that a well calloused hand should be good enough to stop you feeling any pain, so in the long run you will want to just work through the pain barrier until they develop.

However, once they’ve developed, tearing them through kettlebell use is another common problem, even if you have excellent form, so you might find it easier to just stick with gloves.

  • Gloves are for sissies!

Well, call me a sissy then, but I like my hands intact.

  • Gloves can hinder the movement of the kettlebell.

This is probably the most accurate reason not to use them, but like one of my responses above, I’d say using the correct gloves should get past this. I’ll go into more details on that now.

Best Kettlebell Gloves

You might have seen more traditional or general purpose workout gloves before, but these ones aren’t really suited for Kettlebells. There is a lot more twisting and wrist movement involved in kettlebell usage than there is in standard weight lifting, so you’ll need something less bulky and something that fits more snugly.

A great example is the Bionic Women’s Fitness Glove.

kettlebell gloves

Designed for more slender fingers, it’s a great all round glove and should fit you snugly enough to not hinder your work out or exacerbate any pain. ┬áThe men’s version is incredibly popular and the women’s is growing in popularity.

But the best example overall is probably the Harbinger Women’s Pro glove.

kettlebell glove

It fits “like a glove”, incredibly snug and additionally is longer than most workout gloves, meaning that it fully covers the middle knuckle. This provides added protection that actually makes a big difference.

Additionally, it is very easy to wash.


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