Kettlebell Floor Press

The Kettlebell Floor Press works out mostly the chest muscles, but as always, will get all of your body working. Obviously I would recommend you use it as part of a bigger routine, but if you want to give your chest, shoulders or triceps that extra boost, this one is for you.

How To Perform The Kettlebell Floor Press

Ideally you will have two Kettlebells, but it can be perform with one if you just do one arm at a time.

I’ll cover how to do it with one arm, and for two arms, just add the second arm. Should be easy enough.

1.) Lie on the floor with the Kettlebell in one hand. It should be like a “rack” position but lying down. You want to have your palm facing in, with the Kettlebell at about chest level.

2.) Stretch that arm up towards the sky until it is straight. Don’t “lock” it though.

3.) Bring the arm back down to the starting position. That’s one rep.

4.) Do about 10-15 repetitions before switching arm.

5.) For two Kettlebells, just do them at the same time. Otherwise, let your spare hand rest on the floor, out to one side.

Practice without a Kettlebell first just make sure you are familiar with the motion and form. Definitely practice a few times with only one Kettlebell before you add the second one in if that is what you intend on doing.

Watch the video below to get a better insight. Sorry about the music, there are other videos out there, but this one has excellent form.

This exercise goes very well with other chest and arm exercises. If you want to get a full on routine, you can check out our number-one rated Kettlebell DVD here.

Once more I’d like to reiterate the importance of practicing correct form and warming up before exercising. The last thing I want is to find out one of you followed my instructions above and hurt themselves, pulled a muscle, or ended up putting their kettlebell through a TV screen. Oops!

Let me know below if you run into any problems or if you are struggling. Thanks.

What’s Your Favorite Exercise?

Everybody has their own personal favorites, and some people mix up which ones they perform on certain days. How about you?

It would be great to hear what other people are doing and whether or not they incorporate the Floor Press into their routines.

Just drop me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.


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Shirley Meszlenyi - September 15, 2013

I have 2 different kettle bell routines I do and alternate them do one Mon the other Wed & back to 1st one Fri & so on. I try to increase weight every week not always successful. I do 2 sets 15 reps of every exercise & group them together with cardio in between. I may do one set with less weight & 2nd set with heavier weight. Love kettle bell workouts and I will incorporate this one into one of my routines.

    Dom - September 16, 2013

    Great to hear that Shirley and thanks for sharing your own routine with us! What are the two weights you use?


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