Kettlebell Exercises for Chest Sculpting And Toning

So I’ve talked before about exercises for abs and arms, and now I’m going to be talking about Kettlebell exercises you can do for your chest.

Many people have talked about how Kettlebells give you a “total body” workout, and I am going to touch on this briefly here. A Kettlebell appears similar to the dumbbell, but the nature of its design means that most of the exercises performed will incorporate swinging motions or similar motions. It is a bit more artistic than the dumbbell, requiring smooth motions and not simply “weight-lifting”.

The result of this is that you will be developing strength and improving all the muscles in your body, as well as helping to sculpt your body shape. Compare this with dumbbells, which can be guilty of just developing “weight lifting” muscles.

Kettlebell Exercises For Chest

One of the most popular Kettlebell exercises, is the Kettlebell Swing. You can see a video of that on my previous blog post. The Swing is easy to perform, and will give your chest (and arms) a great workout without putting yourself under a lot of strain.

Laying Down

Another exercise for you to perform, this time on the floor. Lay down on your back with your legs together (don’t bend them). Hold your arms out to the side so you make a cross-shape. Have a Kettlebell in each hand and raise them up 90 degrees so they are above your chest. (The kettlebell weight should roll onto your wrist). To get a better picture of this, imagine you are clapping your hands together and stopping just before the clap (and laying down).

Renegade Row

Watch the video below to get a great description of this chest exercise.

You may think that the Kettlebells he uses look massive, and that is because they are. You definitely don’t need to use one that large if you are a beginner. I imagine if you are searching for Kettlebell exercises that you have already purchased a Kettlebell, but if you haven’t, or you want to know more about choosing the right size, I have written a blog post about finding the right Kettlebell size for you.

Additional Workouts


If you are looking for more than just these three exercises, you can of course find more on this site by going through the categories on the right, or visiting the best exercises post.

Remember that one of the greatest benefits of the Kettlebell is how it offers a total body workout, so you should not focus on just one aspect of your body, or you will be really missing out.

On top of that, many exercises workout more than one part of your body (such as Swings), so you don’t have to find yourself a great amount of Kettlebell exercises for each body-part, rather, you should find as many different exercises as possible to ensure you are fully utilizing them.

Workout DVDs

Another way to really make sure that you are getting the fullest workout, is to follow a prescribed workout routine. There are some great DVD series out there to help walk beginners through the ins and outs of learning to use the Kettlebell, or ones that help offer more experienced Kettlebell users to get that extra challenge to their workout to keep themselves motivated.

There are also some DVDs that are tailored specifically to women, to busy people, or even to people with bad knee joints.

There are even one or two that will do all of the above, talk about taking the “total body” all encompassing ethos!


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Judith - January 29, 2013

Great article! But every time I read your excellent articles Ifeel like I should be working out instead of sitting and working at my computer. 🙂

    Dom - January 30, 2013

    Better get to it then

LM - January 24, 2013

Video on the row was helpful. I don’t think I would have gotten it w/o the visual cues.

    Dom - January 29, 2013

    Yeah, I tried explaining it and then thought “maybe I should just add a video..”

Pat McConaha - January 24, 2013

I see you are building a very nice site to help people get back into shape. Keep up the great work.

    Dom - January 29, 2013

    Comments like this keep me motivated, thanks!

CM - January 24, 2013

Short and intense. That is easier said than done. But, that put the body in the “do or die” mode and that stimulus will trigger muscle growth response. Lose fat and build muscle. PERFECT combo, huh? Now go lift your kettle bell.

    Dom - January 29, 2013

    Yes Ma’am


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