Kettlebell Exercises For Arms

There are too many Kettlebell exercises for arms! There are not many exercises that DON’T benefit them.

One thing I would say though, it is important to have a variety to your routine in order to make sure that you work out more than one muscle. In  this post I am going to run you through some killer arm exercises and you can also visit my earlier post for more examples of Kettlebell exercises.

As you will see on that page, the best exercises in general are Swings, Squats, and Windmills. These are also good for the arms, but I think Squats are more designed for other parts of the body. So let’s look at some more “arm specific” exercises.

Kettlebell Exercises For Arms


The halo might not look like much in this video, but if done more quickly and repeatedly, they will really give the arms (and abs) a great workout, you will feel an ache in muscles you didn’t even know you had.


This is a nice basic exercise that will not be as difficult to perform as the Halo, but will give you great shoulders and toned arms.

Row The Boat

This phrase was coined by (I think) Ryan Shanahan and if you visualize yourself rowing a boat, you will understand how it works. It actually works out a lot more muscles than you would expect.

For a video demonstration on those two exercises, as well as many more, I would recommend you check out the below.

Now, in terms of repetitions and speeds of the exercises, it is up to you, don’t force yourself to do more than you really have to, but I would say you should aim for a minimum of ten.

These exercises are great as part of a more complete routine but make sure you are not only exercising the arms, or your body will end up looking out of proportions. If you are too exhausted after doing these exercises and cannot work on other parts of your body, then cut down on the number of exercises, just do one or two, or alternate which ones you do on which days.

In order to really ensure that you are getting a balanced workout, it would be best to perform a pre-designed routine. The one in Ryan’s video above is a good start, but it is only one segment and you will need something more complete.

Most people prefer to exercise at home with a DVD these days, but how do you choose a good one?

I have written what I like to call the “ultimate guide” to Kettlebell DVDs for women on this page, so if you’re looking for more than just a few exercises in your routine, go check it out.



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Ty Johnson - January 2, 2013

I have been on the look out for these things. I live in the Philippines so I’m not really sure how easy they will be to get here. Do you happen to know if I can have these shipped to me here?

    admin - January 2, 2013

    Are you referring to the DVDs or the Kettlebells? I am pretty sure Kettlebells can be shipped there sure, but the DVDs are still only available in the US, although that is likely to change due to the current successes State-side

    Dom - January 12, 2013

    Yeah this has now been expanded to ship worldwide, including Philippines

LisaM - December 27, 2012

thanks for these great demo videos. It’s great to add variety with new exercises.

    admin - December 28, 2012

    it’s not only great but I think variety is very important too

Mark - December 27, 2012

Great videos, you can see the strain on Estelle’s face while performing those exercises so you know its working. The low plank and upper plank are great for the core muscles as well not only the arms and chest. You can get a good lower back and ab burn if you concentrate on keeping the line of the body straight as you move up and down.

    admin - December 28, 2012

    great info thanks. I will be doing a post dedicated to abs some time next week, do you use kettlebells normally?

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