Kettlebell Clean – How To

The latest exercise to be added to our list is the Kettlebell clean. This is a great little exercise but is on the more advanced side. It’s designed to workout the legs, butt, and back.

This exercise is also used to get the Kettlebell into the rack position (pictured above), a position that is used on several other exercises. You can use it as a fancy way of getting into that position, and can also use it as an exercise by itself. Definitely worth learning.

Watch this handy video to see more about how to perform it.

Kettlebell Clean With Lauren Brooks

How To Perform It

You  want to start with the Kettlebell between your legs, as if you are going to perform a swing. Make sure your thumb is pointing inwards, towards you, so your arm will be twisted a little.

Start performing a standard Kettlebell Swing, then relax and shrug your shoulders, leaning back slightly as you do it. Untwist your arm during this process, so the kettlebell ends up resting in the rack position. You will get a better idea of the motion for this by watching the video above.

Once you have mastered that step, you can successfully do one rep. To repeat, bring the kettlebell back down to the floor and start again. Make sure you return the KB to the floor in a controlled fashion, don’t just let it drop. 10-15 reps each arm is recommended for maximum burn and tone.


Practice first without the kettlebell, this will help you get correct form. Use a mirror if you have one. If you have a clutch bag, that will be the perfect object for practicing with (just make sure you empty it first!)

As always, this is a great holistic exercise that will get more than one part of your body in shape at a time. However, I still recommend putting putting everything together into one killer routine in order to get the most out of your time. Check out some other exercises or subscribe to the mailing list to keep up to date with the latest exercises and learn some of the classic as well.


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