Kettlebell Blisters – Avoiding And Treating Them

If you are new to them, Kettlebell blisters can be quite common and an annoying source of pain. As time goes by, your hands will naturally become more calloused and your exercises will be more comfortable. However, even the hardiest hands will still suffer the occasional blister, it is just an occupational hazard.

Today I’m going to give you some tips to prevent blisters from occurring too often, and to treat them when they do come.

Blisters occur naturally in life through friction caused on the skin. The most common type that I’m sure you’ve all suffered from before, comes from wearing ill-fitting shoes, or shoes without socks or other protection. They can be painful, and if burst, will need to be treated and covered up to prevent infection.

In terms of Kettlebells, friction caused from the skin rubbing against the handle or being caught between two Kettlebells is the most likely cause. If you do suffer from one, you should stop the exercise immediately, or you will only risk aggravating it further. With correct treatment you should only be out of action for a few days, 3-4 on average, so you might only miss one or two routines. In this situation, work on some aerobic or cardiovascular exercises instead.

Kettlebell Blisters – Treatment

  • While it can be tempting, don’t pop it! The skin will help prevent infection.
  • Wash the area around the blister, if it has been popped by accident, make sure to clean the area thoroughly.
  • Check for any paint or metal filings that might have come off the KB handle.
  • Once clean, apply antiseptic cream such as Neosporin to the affected area.
  • Depending on the size and location, you might be able to fit a plaster/band-aid over the area nicely. If not, use some gauze and tape to cover it up. Make sure it is secure.
  • Replace the bandaging as necessary, and keep an eye on the healing process. If it seems swollen, unnecessarily red, or full of pus, it may have become infected. Seek medical advice in this case.

Now onto the actual prevention process. If done correctly, you shouldn’t have to worry about more than the very occasional occurrence.

Kettlebell Blisters – Prevention

  • It takes time to build up callouses. Don’t overdo it while you are developing them.
  • Keep your hands dry and free of moisture/sweat.
  • If you get blisters in the same area often, try covering up that area with some medical tape before you workout.
  • Consider wearing finger-less exercise gloves. You can either buy cotton gloves and chop the fingers off yourself, or try some specific fitness gloves such as these.

Using the above (and below) gloves is also a way of keeping your hands from suffering too much wear and tear, and keeping that feminine look to them as long as possible.

kettlebell blister gloves


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