Gifts For Kettlebell Lovers

A Kettlebell is just one of those things where you either don’t use it, or you absolutely love it (at least in the world I live in). That means that choosing gifts for kettlebell lovers should be pretty easy.

Just get them something Kettlebell related and you are most likely setting yourself up for a win. However, where do you start looking? Let’s take a look at some gift ideas I’ve put together.

Gifts For Kettlebell Lovers – What To Buy

I wouldn’t worry about buying actual kettlebells, as it always comes down to personal preference the type and weight needed (plus most kettlebell lovers have plenty of bells already).

I also wouldn’t go for something like gloves, because again it comes down to personal preference, and many people who don’t use gloves consider them to be “wussy”. You don’t want to accidentally offend someone, so best stay clear of gloves.

What does that leave?

  • Clothes
  • DVDs
  • Branded equipment (towels, bags, water bottles etc)
  • Novelty items
  • Lessons

Let’s explore these in more details now.


There is quite a lot of different clothing on offer for the Kettlebell enthusiast. These are not just for actually exercising in, but for wearing in every day life. Can’t think of a better way of advertising your love for kettlebells myself.

Both Zazzle and Amazon have some interesting choices on offer.


I’ve reviewed many DVDs here and you can learn more about them in the DVDs section of the site. However, if you want my personal recommendation, go with Kettlebell Kickboxing. If that is out of your price range, a quick search on Amazon for some of the best rated DVDs should find something more suitable to you. Make sure you read the comments though, as some of them are not as great as they first appear.

Branded Equipment and Novelty Items

There are some pretty cool Kettlebell themed accessories kicking about online and I will get around to reviewing them all one day. You can find some nice novelty items too.

For now, I’d recommend checking out some of the following:


Water Bottles

Car Stickers



Depending on the level of the kettlebell lover in question, you could even buy them a few lessons down at the local gym. Kettlebells aren’t like dumbbells where you can figure them out for yourself, so getting some advice from a personal trainer is not going to be a bad thing.

Make sure they are certified in Kettlebells though. I’ve heard stories of some gyms where the fitness instructor has taught people how to use them without really knowing what they themselves were doing. Kind of counter-productive don’t you think?

Add Your Own!

It’d be great if we could grow this list together. Have you ever received any particularly great gifts? What other suggestions can you add?

Leave your comments below.


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