Get Fit For Summer 2013 – Now Is The Time

March is over and summer will be here before you know it. You might be thinking: “And not a moment too soon!” But wait, what about all those New Year’s resolutions to get fit for summer 2013? How are they coming along? Now, we all know that resolutions rarely come to fruition, but in this case, it’s not too late. With around 3 months to go before the bikinis come out of the drawers, let me tell you how you can get that summer beach body in time.

How to get fit for summer 2013.

I use the term ‘get fit’ loosely here, in fact you could be wanting to lose weight, just tone up, or literally “get fit” by improving your stamina. What steps can you take to reach any of those goals?

  • Start an exercise routine
  • Start a diet
  • Start both
  • Keep reading various sites like this hoping for a miracle

OK, so I may have been slightly facetious for the last point.

Is dieting effective?

Actually, you don’t need to diet, but you DO need to think carefully about what you eat. The key is not to starve your body, but to give it what it needs. Nutrition. There is a wealth of nutrition advice online, but a lot of it is confusing. Here are some key things for you to know. Lets keep it simple:

  1. Type of calorie is just as important as size. make sure you are eating healthy, nutritious food as the mainstay of your diet.
  2. Do not starve your body of the nutrients it needs to function. How can it burn fat if it doesn’t work properly?
  3. Increase your activity (through exercise and daily habits) and you will increase your calorie burn.

As you can see, my advice is NOT to reduce your calorie intake but instead to increase your calorie burn and change your calorie type. 500 calories of nutrition is better than 200 calories of chocolate.

Starting an excercise routine.

Again, there is a wealth of confusing information online and I want to just keep it simple for you, so I’m going to give you a few quick tips.

  1. Don’t exercise on an empty stomach, you will end up overeating later.
  2. Don’t exercise until you feel like death, the point is to increase your activity levels, not have a massive surge then spend the rest of the time collapsed on the sofa.
  3. Find something that you can fit around your schedule and allows rest periods (not daily exercise).

Getting those results


OK, what you are really concerned with is results. You want results, I understand that.

The earlier part of this post was about keeping it simple so you didn’t get overwhelmed. Now we can move onto the good stuff.

If you’re reading this later than March, don’t worry, you can actually achieve awesome results in less than a month, so anytime that you read this your chances are still great. If you follow the above nutrition tips you can get started immediately.

The most important thing is choosing what will work for you, keeping it simple, and sticking to it.

Can you stick to a plan made on the spur of the moment to go jogging every night? Follow a plan designed for you and you WILL get those results.


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