Free Kettlebell Workouts

The great thing about the Internet is that you can find a whole load of free kettlebell workouts just by performing a few simple searches.

We’ve got plenty here in the exercise section (and further down this post), and there are of course plenty over at YouTube as well.

To somebody willing to put in the time, it is probably possible to create your own workout playlist just from free YT videos. We’ll work on helping you build that list now.

5 Most Popular Free Kettlebell Workouts

  • Swings
  • Cleans
  • Rows
  • Windmills
  • Squats

The above five exercises are great for all levels as well. Most of them can be performed with either a single Kettlebell using two hands, two kettlebells, or a single-handed kettlebell. Even those who have been working out with bells for years will still return to these 5 as part of their core workout.

The best part is, you can find countless videos around the web showing you how to perform them.

Here’s an example:

One caveat is, make sure you are watching a professional. There are an increasing number of “coaches” online who think they can teach anybody how to swing a Kettlebell, and unfortunately their form is just pathetic.

More so than dumbbells or barbells, getting your form accurate is vital.

You might consider investing a little and following a professional.

Can You Find A Free Workout Routine?

This is a little more difficult, but yes you can. Women’s health mag has a few workouts listed that you can follow to get started, as does

I am no huge fans of sites that are not dedicated to Kettlebells, but I guess it depends how serious you want to be with your workout routine.

If you are looking for free exercises, I imagine you are just after a quick-fix and not a long term solution, but maybe I’m wrong.

Let’s See Another YouTube Video!

OK. Here you go. This time it’s a Row.

In case you were wondering, I’m not associated with Lauren Brooks, but I do like her videos. They are informative enough for most people to understand and follow, and her form is great. That’s essentially all you need for a great Kettlebell video.

When I’m Ready To Spend Some Money, What Do You Recommend?

I always, always, always recommend Kettlebell Godess. You won’t find another exercise routine quite like it!

If you want to stick with free exercises, let’s head over to the exercise category here.

What Are Your Thoughts On Free Exercises?

Have you ever come across any poorly taught exercises? Can you still get top quality for free? Let me know your thoughts!


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