Easy Does It – The Best Kettlebell Training Tips For Newbies

Congratulations on finally deciding to do something about your weight or fitness issue instead of merely complaining about it – you’re on the right path to being in control of your physical health. Perhaps you’re already looking into the best exercise programs you can sign up for so you can start shedding those extra pounds – the selection can be quite overwhelming, huh? But if you’re looking for something that’s challenging and can yield great results for you faster, one of the programs worth recommending is kettlebell training.

Don’t Fear The Kettlebells

However, for a lot of beginners, working with kettlebells can seem a bit intimidating. Many claim that they fear the strain that the weights can put on their wrists and the possibility of conking their heads with it because kettlebells look much harder to control. These fears are understandable, hence the guidance of a trainer is very important. Check out our recommended DVDs here.

If you also have these concerns regarding the kettlebell training, proper execution of exercises is often the first lesson of the program so you don’t really have to worry about those anymore.

Also, since you’re just a beginner, you can trust that you will be provided the best kettlebell training tips so you can prevent injuries and get the most out of the program; to start you off, below are five of these important tips provided by trainers.

5 Kettlebell Training Tips For Newbies

1.Start out with the right weights – Since you’re working with a trainer, you can easily get their recommendation for the best weights for you. The gym has a wide selection and for women, the best starting weights are anywhere from 17 to 25 lbs – they are heavy but easy enough to manage for various moves.

2.The basic moves are the most important – You’re a beginner and getting you accustomed to the fundamental movements will allow you to slowly work your way up. Don’t try any fancy difficult moves yet even if you find yourself strong and well-coordinated enough to handle them. It’s more important to have the correct form; the basic moves can help you with that. Some of the starter exercises are kettlebell squats, deadlifts, kettlebell-around-the-body passes, kettlebell figure of eights, and kettlebell cleans.

3.Learn the different grips – You can minimize the strain of controlling the weights and you can execute the exercises properly.

4.Exercise in front of the mirror – This will help you monitor your form so even if your trainer is not closely working with you, you can be sure that you are getting the right workout and will not risking injuring yourself.

5.Always warm up and warm down – This is a must for all exercise programs and it’s no different for kettlebell training which can definitely be an intense workout.


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