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Kettlebell Windmill

Kettlebell windmills are excellent for mobility, stability, and strength. It is also an exercise which adds some variety to your routine, taking advantage of stretching over power and ballistics.  After completing this exercise or a few weeks, you will find that you have a better range of motion in your core and shoulders. You will […]

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Kettlebell Single Arm Swing

People often wonder why they should even train with kettlebells when there are dumbbells. The answer is that you can get an amazing cardio workout by using kettlebells which burns your fat, unlike any other workout.  They also build your strength as dumbbells would. When you compare them, it is often a no-brainer to use […]

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Kettlebell Squat Jump

The kettlebell squat jump is another great ballistic exercise for improving your vertical jump and athletic ability. It works a range of muscles during each rep and burns a lot of calories by doing so.  If you are looking for an exercise to build more muscle in your legs and allow you to jump higher and […]

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Kettlebell Push Press

The kettlebell push press is a great workout for your upper body. In fact, it can transform your upper body, removing fat, toning your muscles, and building strength.  It is a great exercise to add to your routine, and you will feel benefits almost immediately. A kettlebell push press is great for increasing strength and stability. […]

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Kettlebell Halo

This kettlebell exercise may not look like much, but it is one of the hardest exercises which you will do. Not only will you exercise and strengthen your muscles and core, but you will also strengthen your muscle-mind connection.  This exercise requires a constant focus. While many exercises become second nature and muscle memory takes over, […]

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Hardstyle Swing

When you hear the word hardstyle, you have an image of an exercise in your mind, but the name refers to the type of martial arts which it was used to train for and not in a description of how hard the exercise is or how the muscles are used. Hardstyle kettlebell training was developed in […]

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Kettlebell Ballistic Row

So, you want all of the benefits of a rowing machine without having to actually shell out for a rowing machine? Well, you can replicate a rowing machine workout with a kettlebell and some determination.  Kettlebells are also great for adding some variety to your workouts and offer you a lot more flexibility when compared to […]

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Double Kettlebell Clean And Jerk

When you think of jerks, you often have a negative connotation, but kettlebell jerks are a different kettle of fish. A kettlebell jerk is all about power, strength, and conditioning. A ballistic movement is used to build strength quickly and target your excess fat. This is a great exercise for creating a full-body workout. The kettlebell workout […]

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Double Kettlebell Clean

Kettlebell lifts are a great way to replace barbell lifts. Sooner or later, barbell lifts are going to place too much strain on your wrists (and body in general). Even before you get there, an injury can make barbell lifts impossible. Kettlebells, however, can help you to achieve the same lifts without the strain. If your wrists […]

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