Can You Workout While Pregnant?

What do you think? Can you workout while pregnant? There is so much sensitivity around pregnancy (a lot of it justified of course), that people are often overly cautious. If you are pregnant and worried about too much activity causing you to gain 40kg (I’d be worried about that too) then you’re right to ask this question.

For a long time the standard answers were along the lines of “Don’t life more than X amount” and “Don’t raise your heartbeat above X amount”, but that seems a little too general to me.

Since when are all bodies and pregnancies the same?

Yes, you have to be careful and take it significantly easier than you would do otherwise, but please don’t avoid working out altogether.

Can You Workout While Pregnant? And If So..How Much?

More standard advice these days is to exercise based on your fitness level, and adjust accordingly.

50-80% of your “non-pregnant” intensity is a recommended guideline. Scale it lower as your pregnancy progresses of course. Somebody who is very fit and healthy and often workouts out to a high intensity is going to be able to cope with more than “just walking” when they are pregnant.

There’s a great article here which goes into more detail.

The Benefits

Let’s put fear aside for a minute. At the end of the day that’s what this comes down to. Everybody wants to be fit and maintain as good a figure as possible during pregnancy, but nobody wants to jeopardize their or their baby’s health.

There are plenty of benefits though that should counter this fear:

  • Being in good health and shape during pregnancy lessens chances of complications.
  • Not putting on a huge amount of weight is going to keep the mother more happy and the baby too.
  • Recovery after labor (and weight loss) is going to be easier and faster.
  • It’s ALWAYS good to maintain fitness.

Seek Advice

Obviously, I don’t claim to be a doctor and I’d hate for you to have a bad experience based on my advice. You should DEFINITELY seek medical advice before undergoing a workout program, but bear in mind that some doctors themselves will be offering advice based on their owns fears and might be “playing it safe”.

Also, I have no idea of your own particular body condition. In most cases it is fine (and extremely beneficial) for you to workout when pregnant.

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