Bulking With Kettlebells — Is This Doable?

It’s been said countless times before: If you just want to become strong and not bulky, kettlebell exercises are the best for you. They build real muscles, not the bulky ones that really serve no purpose other than to look particularly intimidating. Many have also pointed out that kettlebells are merely for the arms so they accomplish very little in building bulk elsewhere. If such were the case, then is it safe to say that those who really want to develop big muscles a la “Arnold Strong” should just stick to those massive dumbbells and barbells?

Fitness professionals claim that barbells will always remain the most important weights for body builders, but kettlebells are proving to be effective as well in building bulk, especially for men — after all, they can come in heavy weights, too. However, to make sure that kettlebell exercises really work optimally in building the body, it’s imperative to understand some principles of body building and kettlebell exercises that need to meld together to secure target results.

Bulking With Kettlebells? Work Up To It

One of these important lessons in using kettlebells for the purpose of bulking up is to start out easy and slow. Perform the basic moves in a repetitive manner, and then, fancy them up a bit with more difficult moves. The key here is to “build up” to prevent injuries as well as easily transition to more complicated exercises with the equipment that would really put more pressure on the body and boost the size of the muscles.

The second principle is to follow the kettlebell exercises designed by professional trainers that really work toward this goal, such as The Kettlebell Rep Ladder, The German Training, and The Double Kettlebell Complex, to cite a few. An important consideration in performing kettlebell exercises is the fact that injury is always a risk; actually, any movement that makes use of weights can be quite risky. But with kettlebells, since they are slightly more difficult to control then regular weights, it’s even more important to know how to properly execute the exercises both for injury prevention and effectively targeting the right group of muscles.

The third principle is that weights are important, but just as important is the diet. Bigger kettlebells can only do so much in getting those muscles to expand – muscles need the right nutrition to become big. Body builders have to eat a lot of protein because it’s the most important nutrient for muscle building and regeneration. For bulking up, there should be a balance of the right exercises and nutrition.

In conclusion, bulking with kettlebells is doable. These weights can be used to grow really big muscles – just know how to use them properly and all other things that need to be done for the goal. They have already worked for some; therefore, they can also work for pretty much anybody.


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