Building Muscle Is Simple – Here Are Some Tips For Women

I’m going to kick off this month with some tips on building muscle for women. It’s relatively straightforward to do, but how much confusions and disagreement is there online today?

I’m going to just keep it simple. Three Tips. Not 101, not 7, just three.

Building Muscle For Women: Tip One.

Exercise with protein, not carbs.

Those energy drinks many people use before, during, and after their workouts are carb based. This might be OK for sustaining energy, but it’s not great for building muscle. What’s muscle made of? Protein. What should you use after you workout? Protein.

Of course, you want to get a balanced diet and get some nutrition to help your body workout, but protein is your friend.

Tip Two – Exercise Every Other Day.

The days that you don’t exercise is when your muscle rebuilds. Working out causes micro tears in your muscle tissue. When the muscles repair on your day off, they repair larger and stronger to avoid you tearing them again (this obviously happens on a micro scale and isn’t noticeable at first).

If you don’t rest your muscles, how can they repair and grow?

Tip Three – Use The Right Type Of Exercise

If you want to tone up, performing multiple reps of light or moderate exercise is the way to go. This is ideal for most women, who prefer achieving that fit, toned look.

Kettlebells are great for this, they build strength, tone and develop muscles you didn’t know you had.

For bulking up and getting bigger muscles, you’ll want to approach your workouts differently. Use a bigger weight, perform more intense workouts, and fewer repetitions.

It’s up to you to determine exactly which weight is best for you, but as a rule, women usually aim too low. Don’t underestimate yourself.

Also, consider following our top rated Kettlebell DVD, Kettlebell Kickboxing.

Supplements Etc

This isn’t a tip as such, just my own personal opinion. Using supplements can be a great boost to building muscle for women, men, regular exercises or casual. Everybody benefits from protein.

It really comes down to personal preference and your budget as well. I drink nutrition shakes everyday for healthy breakfasts anyway, but usually will have an extra one when I workout. I’d never have a shake that is just protein though, I prefer to get as much out of it as possible, and that means really feeding my body.

It’s definitely not a rule that you should take protein or nutrition supplements if you want to build muscle, but think of them as an additional bonus.

Have I Missed Anything?

In my effort to keep this as simple as possible, I may well have missed something. What three tips would you give if you could? Write them below!


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Nathaniell - October 24, 2013

A lot of people don’t realize that muscle burns fat faster than fat, so building a little muscle can actually turn your body into a fat-burning machine. Muscle is also heavier than fat, so you may be a big heavier on the scale (temporarily) but continue with muscle building exercises and you’ll see results.

    Dom - October 24, 2013

    Yep correct! the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism will be, and the easier everything becomes.


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