The Best Type Of Kettlebell For Women

This post is going to include the best weight, as well as best type of kettlebell for women. With so many different types and sizes available on the market today, I wanted to write another guide to supplement my previous ones.

Bear in mind that everybody has their own personal opinions, so feel free to disagree with me. This is just what I think will work best for you. By the way, I am assuming you are a beginner.

Choose A Weight That Suits You

While men tend to overestimate their strength and buy a weight that is too high, women tend to go the other way, and choose a small weight. I’ve seen people starting out with 5 or 10 pound Kettlebells and that is just a bit low.

It’s true that when you start out, the most important thing is getting your form correct, so if anything it is better to go too low than too high, but you want to make sure that it is at least worthwhile. Therefore, I recommend starting out with around 15 pounds or around 6.5 kilograms, whichever is the weight in your area.

Painted, Powder Coated, or Other?

Generally this is where it comes down to personal preference. From what I can see though, most people prefer to just go for a standard painted black Kettlebell. Something like this.

At the end of the day your Kettlebell is going to take a few knocks and develop a few nicks, so there’s little point in choosing the prettiest one. Just go for whatever is practical. There are other considerations that will affect this too.

Rough Or Smooth Handle?

You can always sand a handle down if it is too smooth for you, but extra smoothness is generally easier to rotate during certain moves, and it is also less likely to shred your hands.

There are some people who probably prefer their Kettlebell to have a “grip”, but I find this can limit maneuvers slightly. Go with gloves if you want some extra grip.

Handle Width

A thin handle is generally better, unless you have incredible grip strength. Wider handles might look more appealing initially, but once you start swinging, rotating, and getting tired, you are going to feel the Kettlebell slipping. The last thing you want is to send the bell flying in the direction of something (or someone) valuable!

The Best Type Of Kettlebell For Women

I’ve recommend others in the past, and they do have their benefits, but in my opinion, the best type of Kettlebell for women is one like the one at the top of the page, or this one:

cap bar kettlebell

click the image to view on Amazon

Remember to choose the most appropriate size!

What About You?

Like I said above, a lot of this comes down to personal opinion, do you agree with any of my points? What type(s) of Kettlebell do you use?


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