Best Kettlebell Exercises For Women – A Close Look

Kettlebells are great for their versatility and the variety of exercises that they offer can let you get exactly what you want from your workout, however, do you really know what the best kettlebell exercises for women are?

If you want to burn calories, develop toned muscles, or just get into shape, read on!

This post consists of the three great exercises. Beginners can do them as well as the more advanced.

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Best Kettlebell Exercises For Women


To perform these, stand with your feet apart, holding a kettlebell in both hands, then swing it between your legs up to chest-height. The video below shows a “roundabout swing” with more complicated hand movements (basically alternating one handed swings) but beginners can just do the same motion and use two hands.


These can come in two variations, I prefer holding the kettlebell in the bottom hand, as in this video, but others will hold the kettlebell in their other hand (the Hand not moving down to the toes). You can always alternate to get more muscle workout.


These exercises can be more troublesome than useful if you do them incorrectly. Many people find it difficult to get their back in the right position. Watch the video below to make sure you are doing it correctly.

Exercise Tips

Kettlebells are incredibly effective and are hollistic in nature. This means they exercise more than one muscle at a time. I’m sure you want to do this!

My advice to you would be, don’t worry too much about working on specific muscles at a time. To get the best out of a kettlebell, you have to perform a “whole body” workout.

Swings, windmills, and halos are a great starting point, and looking around this site will help you find more. The most important thing is, just keep enjoying your workout and keep doing it.

Don’t focus too much on what each exercise is doing, because you might not feel much of a strain at the time, but believe me, the next day you will feel the results!

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LisaM - December 20, 2012

great videos. the exercises look fun, too. You could never get that swinging motion with dumb bells or medicine ball. I’m going to try them. thanks

    admin - December 20, 2012

    true! although dumb bells can do similar exercises, ultimately kettlebells will out perform them in my opinion


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