Basic Kettlebell Exercises

basic kettlebell exercises

There are so many to choose from, but the most basic kettlebell exercises are going to be used again and again by most people. Things such as the Kettlebell clean (a great little move for getting into the ‘rack’ position) are the starting point for many exercises, so learning this basic move, along with some other more standard exercises is going to form the basis of any decent beginner training.

Additionally, if you ever decide to follow a workout routine or DVD, knowing how to perform the basics will make it a lot easier.

Basic Kettlebell Exercises

1.) The Kettlebell Clean

As mentioned earlier, the rack position forms the basis of quite a few exercises so learning how to get into that position smoothly is key. The kettlebell clean not only gets you to end up in that position, it can also be performed as an exercise in itself. Great for toning the arms. I’ve written a post about the clean in the past, so to avoid repeating myself, head over to take a look.

2.) The Swing

Whether you use two hands or one, the kettlebell swing is going to be one of those exercises you return to again and again. It is great for beginners, as it is so easy to perform, and really gets those arms, abs and waist burning. You won’t want to only perform the swing, but if you did, it would still offer you a pretty balanced workout.

3.) The Squat

If you’ve got the hang of the rack position already, you can perform the squat. Essentially, this is the same as any other squat, just with one (or two) Kettlebells. From the rack position, bend your knees (keep your back straight) and go down into a squat, then straighten your legs and rise up again.

Learn more about the squat here.

4.) The Push-Up

If you can already do push-ups comfortably, this will be easier. Line yourself up in a normal push-up position, and place one hand on a kettlebell. It’s easier if your hand is on the ball than the handle, so choose accordingly, keep yourself straight and your abs tight, and lower yourself down for one rep. Don’t go too far, as one of your arms is higher than the other, it’s easy to damage that shoulder.

Do it with two Kettlebells for a real challenge!

Now that you’ve got a few basic exercises to perform, you can start getting yourself familiar with Kettlebells and get into shape. You’ll lose those beginner L plates in no time.

If you want to try a workout DVD (suitable for all ability levels), then I strongly suggest you check out my Kettlebell Kickboxing review page.

One final thing, always remember to warm up and stretch appropriately, and don’t overdo things. Getting in shape is a marathon, not a sprint.


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