Are Kettlebells Good For Fat Loss?

When see them for the first time, what exactly do you think? I believe a lot of people associate them with some hardcore weight lifting and body building, without asking ourselves “Are Kettlebells good for fat loss?”.

In truth, they are very effective and get your body so trim, toned and sexy, that I would argue they are better for losing weight than they are for body building.

Of course it depends on how you use them, what routines you follow, the weight you use and so on, but it would be comparatively easier to burn away fat than to stack on muscle. It just takes a bit of consistency.

Why Are Kettlebells Good For Fat Loss?

OK, aside from the obvious fact that all exercise and workouts are good for burning fat, what specifically do Kettlebells contribute?

Firstly, their nature and design. The center of gravity is different in a Kettlebell than in other weights due to the shape of the handle. This means that you will naturally be performing more swings and ballistic types of exercises.

It’s not just a case of “pumping iron” and building up some bulk, it’s more like using every muscle in your body to swing, lift, and “catapult” the bell around. This is going to have significant affects on your body, causing you to melt the fat off everywhere.

Secondly, you don’t have to follow these intense, back-breaking workouts that make you feel like you might want to die. Some Kettlebells routines make you burn 500 calories in just 20 minutes of exercise. That is something that even the least experienced gym goer can achieve.

Thirdly, doing a longer exercise, say for an hour, will keep you burning calories for up to 72 hours afterwards. If you exercise every 72 hours (shouldn’t be too difficult to find the time with those kind of results!) that is going to amount to some serious burn.

Keep Moving

The key to fat loss is moving around, getting the heart pumping, and maintaining that motion for a period of time. This is what you get with a Kettlebell.

If you can combine Kettlebells with another form of aerobics or similar, then you are going to find that weight loss and Kettlebells really do go hand in hand. I would wager that it is a lot of fun too.

Finally, as an additional point I would like to add that Kettlebells are equally as accessible for beginners as they are for the more advanced users. They can be bought for fairly cheap prices online, and last well.

Check out some of our exercises if you are looking for inspiration, and be sure to give them a go. You might just fall in love.


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