A Kettlebell Kickboxing Testimonial: Victoria Boszoki

Victoria Boszoki: Lost Over 15 lbs.

I’ve decided to start documenting some of the testimonials available on the Kettlebell Kickboxing website. I’m sure if you are looking for some additional Kettlebell workouts or weight loss methods, this is something you would be interested in.

So today we are going to be learning more about Victoria Boszoki, and seeing what she has to say for herself.

At the time of writing, Victoria had lost more than 15lbs, and you can see from the photos how great she looks. She is still going strong now.

Here is an excerpt from her testimonial:

It’s definitely one of the most intense workouts I’ve ever done, but easy to get started (thanks for the modifications)

The modifications she refers to are the variations available on the DVD. You can choose your difficulty level before you start out, which gives a lot of functionality to the DVD.

It also means that whether you are a beginner or somebody more advanced, you are still going to be able to join in with the activities in a positive way.

There’s no point starting a workout program if it isn’t going to get the results. Let’s look more at Victoria’s.

I’ve gained a lot of strength, stability, and definitions. I absolutely love it.

Kettlebell kickboxing is a mixture of strength training (Kettlebells) and martial arts (kickboxing) which means it creates a really unique workout. You will be able to get toned, get stronger, and gain “real life” strength (as opposed to just weight lifting strength).

It constantly pushes me to go past my limits and train harder and more efficient every single time.

Now, you might be thinking that this is cause for concern if you are a beginner. You don’t want to be taking on an intense workout if you are new to the whole thing.

Rest assured, the modifications I mentioned earlier mean it is impossible to truly struggle with this DVD, and you will always be able to set a more difficult level as your ability and fitness increases.

That also means that this is a DVD you can keep returning to.

Where Can You Find More Testimonials?

Obviously Victoria has a nice testimonial there, but you would want to view a few more before making your purhcase decision I’m sure. I know I would. So where to find them?

I would first check out my full Kettlebell Kickboxing review (includes a few testimonial videos from youtube), but alternatively you can head straight over to their official website to learn more and see more testimonials.

Thanks for the great story Victoria!

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John Stewart Sr - March 12, 2013

The review is a big plus. It always helps to see a real person that is succeeding.

Judith - March 12, 2013

How impressive! I think I need to try this out. I’m looking for a new workout plan. If I could get results like that, how totally awesome that would be. I just need to get super motivated and schedule some time. Thanks for sharing the Kettlebell Kickboxing Testimonials!


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