A Kettlebell Kickboxing Testimonial: Freya Sutan-Assin

Freya Sutan-Assin: Lost Over 20 lbs

Continuing my theme of reporting on some of the testimonials available over at the Kettlebell Kickboxing home page, today I’m going to be talking about Freya. I hope you can read on and give her story the attention it deserves. Let’s get some motivation for ourselves too!

Here’s how Freya starts off her story:

This method is helping me transform my body inside & out! With Kettlebell Kickboxing  I have lost over twenty pounds! (and still going strong).

You might notice that both the testimonials I have reported on so far are concerned with weight loss. Kettlebell Kickboxing is not purely a weight loss routine though, so if you are already your ideal weight, but looking to maintain it, or improve your body shape, this is still something you can do.

Anyway, back to Freya:

It is hard to lose weight, keep it off, stay healthy and sane at the same time. Luckily I have found something that keeps me straight on my goals and is a realistic and healthy way to get fit and love what I do.

Freya is a New Yorker and she started out in Dasha’s class, but found that she soon wanted to buy the DVD for the times when she wasn’t able to attend the class:

Each DVD is designed to make sure you get the most burn and sculpt, while leaving options for everyone from the beginner to the advanced athlete. I love that I can do an hour or a half hour (No excuse here!). And- yes– its JUST like I’m in class with all the girls. Dasha keeps the same fun dialogue as in her real classes, and all the girls are her actual students or instructors (no hired models in this DVD)

Another interesting part of Freya’s testimonial is the fact that she has been training with Dasha for so long. This testimonial really helps demonstrate the fact that Kettlebell Kickboxing is something you can perform for the long term!

I have been training with Dasha and her staff for over a year and I will say – this method is helping me transform my body- inside & out

Where can you find more Testimonials?

If the handful of testimonials that I’ve written up on here so far are not enough to answer your questions, then there are a couple of additional options for you:

1. Visit my review page and view the testimonials YouTube video there.

[button link=”https://kettlebellexerciseswomen.com/kettlebell-kickboxing-review”]Visit Review Page[/button]

2. Visit the Kettlebell Kickboxing homepage and read more reviews/FAQ page

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Thanks for taking the time to read Freya’s testimonial. She loves being able to share her story with everybody!


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