​Kettlebell Fat Loss – One Essential Move That Will Torch Fat Quickly

Fitness trends and equipment – from the effective to the downright silly – come and go. One equipment that has withstood the test of time and has gained a strong following among fitness experts is the kettlebell.

It may not look much (with some describing it as a cannonball with a handle), but what it lacks in aesthetics, it more than makes up for with its effectiveness. Before the kettlebell gained widespread popularity, it was used by Russians for centuries. Many credit Pavel Tsatsouline, a Russian fitness expert and martial artist, for bringing the kettlebell to the West.

But why should you invest in a kettlebell? Fat loss, increased muscle mass and better muscle tone are some of the promises that almost every other equipment in the market offers. With a kettlebell, you can add versatility and convenience to the list of benefits.


When you buy a kettlebell, it may be the last exercise equipment that you’ll buy. Surely, you can find cheaper exercise equipment, but you won’t find one that you can use to perform a wide variety of exercises. With just this piece of equipment, you can sculpt your entire body. And because of its compact size, you can store it easily in the living room or your office and use it during your down time.

One particular exercise that is best performed with this equipment is the kettlebell swing. Many fitness experts and enthusiasts, including blogger/author Tim Ferris, have been raving about it. This kettlebell move works the hips, butt, legs, core, shoulders, chest and forearms in one fluid movement.

With a kettlebell swing, you can torch excess fat while building muscles. Unlike other strength training exercises, the kettlebell swing can target hard-to-reach small muscles which results in muscular density and depth. Furthermore, because you are working several muscle groups at once, you build functional strength which is the type that you can actually use in day to day living.

Kettlebell Fat Loss – Start With The Swing

As a form of cardio exercise, kettlebell swings are the most efficient. You can burn more calories in a short time frame. If you have tried running and experienced joint pain, you should consider kettlebell swings because the move has virtually no impact on the joints.

Whether you are looking for a way to shed excess pounds or you are a seasoned gym rat, consider trying and incorporating kettlebell exercise, specifically kettlebell swings, into your training routine. You’ll surely be amazed by the results that you will see.


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