​Basic Tips For Buying Your Dragon Door Kettlebells

Kettlebells have mostly been associated with strength and endurance. But you can actually also use the fitness tool to lose fat and gain the body you have always envisioned. In fact, the average kettlebell workout can burn 20 calories a minute, this according to the American Council on Exercise. When it comes to this specific fitness goal, perhaps no other kettlebell would suffice than Dragon Door kettlebells.

Dragon Door actually developed the world’s most effective, fast weight loss system, which has allowed many to also improve strength and power. Since it “opened up its doors” in 1991, Dragon Door has been recognized as the premier resource for functional fitness and achieving maximum level of physical performance. Incidentally, Dragon Door also launched the modern kettlebell revolution in 2001.

dragon door kettlebells

Dragon Door Kettlebells

Among its line of kettlebells are authentic Russian kettlebells, which are perfect for women. These rust-resistant kettlebells also come in narrower handles. Dragon Door also designs military-grade kettlebells, which are perfect for explosive endurance- and strength-training.

As a beginner, it could get pretty confusing which kettlebell is ideal. Because apart from the standard grade kettlebells, which are made from cast iron, and the professional grade kettlebells, which are made from steel, you’ll also need to choose from different weights and handles.

How Fit Are You?

The first step is to determine your fitness level. Do you regularly work out but it’s your first time to work with weights? Or are you completely out of shape and want to start your fitness routine with kettlebells?

What you can do is the test the waters first, so to speak. Buy one kettlebell instead of two on your first purchase. For women, the recommended weight is 8kg or 18lbs. The heavier the weight, the greater chances you’ll have of achieving your fitness goal: lose fat, build muscle, increase endurance, develop strength and power, etc.

The next step is to invest in kettlebell brands that will last you a lifetime. For most people, that brand is Dragon Door, which is known for durable fitness tools.

As for the handle, kettlebells can come in narrower handles and smaller handles. Which one you choose would depend on which style is more comfortable to use. Generally, men use narrower handle kettlebells.

The key to picking the perfect kettlebells depends on what you need from your fitness routines. Know that the size and the weight of your kettlebells will also have direct impact on the techniques you use. The wrong kettlebells will have you moving in the wrong way, which could lead to injuries. So make sure to test the kettlebells you’re considering before you buy them.


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