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When it comes to p90x before and after photos, women are bound to be curious enough to have a look. I decided that even though it’s not strictly a kettlebell exercise, it’s still worth including a few pics and a brief write-up.

Before we go into the before/after, I’m going to give a very brief summary of p90x. Because you are mostly likely aware of it already, I don’t want to repeat myself, but for those of my readers who don’t know too much about it, this little summary will be of some benefit.

What Is P90X?

It is probably THE most popular workout program in America and large parts of europe right now. Why is that? Because it gets results.

How exactly does it get those results though? That is an excellent question, because I believe that p90x does not deliver its results as well as other programs do, and at the end of this post I am going to explain why.

Here is some brief info about P90X for you.

  • 90 days long
  • 6 days per week (ouch)
  • Strict diet
  • Uses dumbbells and other methods
  • Gets results

P90X Before And After Women


 Looking good right? I think Day 28 shows that a fast improvement can be made, especially with the tummy.

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Here’s one more:

p90x-before-after-womenThese two are just a couple of hundreds of examples of success stories with P90X and you can always read more.

It is important to take a picture for yourself too, you can use it for motivation when you reach Day 45 (the halfway stage) and feel like quitting.

Who knows, you could end up being the next before/after superstar!

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Did you notice something just now?

I said when you reach day 45 you might feel like quitting. Probably you will feel like that earlier on than day 90, but as it will be the early stages, you will keep on pushing because you will be feeling motivated.

This highlights an important thing for me that I would like to point out to you. P90X is not for everyone. 

Here are some considerations to take in before you purchase the program.

  1. Exercising 6 days a week is pretty demanding on your body and your time. You will feel exhausted early on.
  2. If you can cope with exercising 6 days a week, great, but you will need to do it for 90 days. Can you commit? I know I couldn’t.
  3. Can you cope with the strict diet that accompanies p90x? if you can, again, great!

As you can see, p90x works, but it will be tricky, very tricky indeed. It will get you from A to B, but it might not be the best vehicle for you.

What I mean is, if I could introduce you to a program that:

  1. Only required 3 days’ exercise per week
  2. Only required 21 days to see results
  3. Gave nutrition advice rather than a strict diet
  4. Was cheaper than p90x
  5. Was just as effective, and so much more.

Would you be interested to hear about that as an alternative to p90x?

I thought so. Smart move

Kettlebell Kickboxing is all that

Using Kettlebells instead of dumbbells means that everything is so much more efficient and so much faster. Want to see some REALLY impressive before/after pics? How about these?


Want Something Better Than P90X?

Why are these so impressive? Because it only took them less than a month to achieve. Oh boy!

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Hey, I'm Dom. I've been using Kettlebells for over two years, and am a firm believer that men and women can do very similar routines and exercises, yet get the different results they desire. If you click here to subscribe, you'll receive my tips, tricks, and recommended workouts in your inbox automatically.

Dave - March 1, 2013

I think many people over-do things to start with, then give up and never really get started again. Do you think a lighter regime using Kettlebells would help these people?

    Dom - March 2, 2013

    Yep absolutely 100% believe that.

John Stewart Sr - March 1, 2013

I’m sure this works for guys too but it’s much more pleasant watching the video of the girls

Tim Bashista - February 28, 2013

I have read that the push is very extensive, waking up stiff and sore each morning and doing it again….not sure how long motivation would take me…..emmm I think not far….but if you can do it….I am sure the benefits are amazing in body transformation….

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